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A complimentary, week-long series of dedicated, on demand content focused on the key issues impacting financial services leaders.

March 23-27, 2020: Fraud Prevention & Cybersecurity

AdobeStock_196434295Providing an excellent customer experience while also protecting customer accounts and information from fraudulent activities is a challenging balance act. Too much friction and customers become annoyed. Too little friction and both customers and financial services organizations are more vulnerable to financial losses. How do you strike the right balance? What are the biggest current and emerging fraud and cybersecurity threats? And what tools and technologies can help you minimize risk for your organization? The BAI Deep Dive can help you answer these questions and more.

A collection of content, including video, podcast and article formats, including:

  • An expert panel of financial services leaders discussing the key challenges around providing a great customer experience while also protecting against fraud and the tools and technology that can help.
  • Interviews with thought leaders on current and future threats, including deep fake technology and insider risks.
  • Perspectives on the role of multi-factor authentication and gaining better adoption to fight cybercrime.
  • Exclusive access to white papers exploring best practices
  • Demos showcasing the latest technology solutions to manage fraud and cybersecurity

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UP NEXT: June 15-19, 2020: Customer Experience – More details coming soon!

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Digital Transformation - September 2019

Digital transformation may have been simple to define a decade ago, when new technologies came online at a manageable speed and objectives primarily centered on operational cost reductions. But in a world of ever-changing technological advances, digital transformation has become a broader umbrella than ever before.

The focus is on improving the overall customer experience and humanizing those digital experiences. Many financial institutions are also working on their branch-to-digital initiative, which has its own special requirements: a smart approach to “phygital,” the integration of the physical and digital worlds into a seamless customer experience.

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