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Glia shows you how to offer seamless digital communication regardless of whether your customers engage via chat, SMS, voice, or video.


Rick DeLisi, Lead Research Analyst, Glia

Rick DeLisi is a researcher/presenter who is best-known for the book “Digital Customer Service” which he co-authored with Glia CEO Dan Michaeli. He is also co-author of the best-selling book “The Effortless Experience” which introduced the concept of using customer effort as a key success metric. Prior to joining Glia, he spent 15 years as VP, Advisory with Gartner, specializing in Customer Experience and Customer Service. He was named a Gartner Fellow based on his research into the connection between employee effort and customer loyalty.

John Fernandez, SVP of Marketing, Glia

John Fernandez is responsible for revenue marketing and business development worldwide. John is a leader with twenty-two years’ experience developing global strategies to directly impact revenues using technology and data. Before joining Glia, he had leadership positions in marketing, analytics, and operations at leading B2B SaaS companies such as Contently, Diligent, Jibe, and Intralinks. In addition, he has been a part of $1.3 billion in funding events from Series A rounds to IPOs.


Video banking: The next generation of digital customer success

Some might say video banking is already a “next-generation” technology, and in many ways it is. But even though using video to provide face-to-face communication with remote experts is a welcome addition to online banking, most deployments to date add little more than a trust element. There is still much room to further improve the customer experience as it relates to video and digital banking, as demonstrated in this paper.

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