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Revolutionizing customer engagement in COVID and beyond with personalized, proactive mobile feeds

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With a forced digital transformation knocking at their front doors, many banks were surprised to find themselves under-equipped to respond to COVID-19’s impact on the traditional banking model. Apps and online banking left many banks in a reactive state, struggling to engage customers proactively, deliver a personalized experience, or update content quickly enough during times of rapid change. Learn how Relay’s unique approach to customer engagement using proactive, mobile feeds is empowering banks to deliver personalized, 1:1 experiences to every customer with greater speed, agility and impact.



Hayes McGinley, Director of Financial Services, Relay Network

Hayes McGinley is Director of Financial Services at Relay Network where he helps banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions more effectively communicate and engage with their customers. Over 50 million active feeds connect customers with their businesses everyday using Relay.


Building an effective mobile communication strategy in 2020

With face-to-face interactions largely limited, digital communications and online tools are the best option banks have to provide quality, meaningful customer experiences at scale. However, driving adoption and utilization of these resources has been a challenge. This guide will provide five ways banks can engage customers digitally to provide helpful guidance, answer questions proactively, and contain operational costs—all while building customer trust and loyalty.

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