BAI Emerging Leaders Network

Recognizing and Investing in Your Top Talent

Emerging Leaders are the fuel for the financial services industry’s journey into the future. They are the bold thinkers and the high potentials that are already helping to shape the direction of our industry in an era of new ideas, cutting-edge technology and rapidly-evolving customer expectations.

BAI is proud to announce the launch of the Emerging Leaders Network, a highly selective professional development program that will help 100 rising stars with 10 years of experience or less in financial services become stronger leaders and drive positive change in the industry. This network, which is free to enter, will create exciting new learning, mentoring, networking and recognition opportunities that will aid in their development and career success.

Interested in becoming a BAI Emerging Leaders Network participant? We will be opening the next application period soon! Check back for more details.

BAI Emerging Leaders Network at Disney Institute

Benefits of the BAI Emerging Leaders Network

  • Industry recognition: BAI recognized members of the BAI Emerging Leaders Network in a BAI Banking Strategies Special Report, as well as at BAI Beacon 2018, and in other BAI thought leadership platforms.
  • A year-round network: Emerging Leaders participate in a year-round professional development network designed to provide relevant education, networking and recognition opportunities.
  • One-year BAI membership: All recipients receive a complimentary one-year 2019 individual BAI membership, giving them access to a variety of BAI content and programming.
  • Disney Institute logoA unique BAI Beacon experience: Each member of the BAI Emerging Leaders Network and their mentors received a complimentary registration to BAI Beacon 2018 in Orlando, FL. Special programming for Emerging Leaders included a half-day, off-site experience presented by Disney Institute, exclusive mentoring and networking sessions and a recognition event.

Applying is free and easy! 
All we need is:

  • Current role in your organization.
  • Achievements at current and previous organizations.
  • Activities, interests and affiliations in and outside of the industry.
  • Career goals and how being a BAI Emerging Leader will contribute to them.
  • How you will benefit from being named a BAI Emerging Leader and/or attending BAI Beacon.

What Our Program Advisors Say

BAI Beacon Emerging Leaders Program Participant Jody Hulsey“I was new to banking. Being part of the BAI Emerging Leaders program and attending Beacon made me feel like I was part of the financial services industry for the first time.” 
- Jody Hulsey, Independence Bank

BAI Emerging Leaders Program Participant Julieta Falcon Uribe“Banking is an industry going through major change. To be recognized by BAI as an emerging leader was an honor and helped reinforce my drive and interest to make a difference in the future of this industry.”
- Julieta Falcón Uribe, BBVA Compass

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Amber Vogel“To me this designation meant that I am in a position to create change in our industry, that I am recognized as a thought leader in my organization, and that I value connecting and collaborating with others in the financial services industry.”
- Amber Vogel, Alerus

BAI Emerging Leaders Program Participant Hubert Lubowicz“Recognition, to me, was one of the biggest highlights of my career thus far. It was a reassurance that my hard work and determination is progressing in the right direction.” 
- Hubert Lubowicz, PKO Bank Polski

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Ben Lemke“Being recognized by BAI as an Emerging Leader meant the opportunity to learn outside of the office environment. It meant making connections to both established and other emerging leaders. For those within my organization, it meant a different type of exposure through external validation of the value that I can provide.” 
- Ben Lemke, Tech CU

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Christina Lee“Becoming a BAI Emerging Leader gave me the opportunity to network with other leaders globally in the business industry who also think big picture while having an individualized action.”
- Christina Lee, Citi

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Chelsea Gstohl“Becoming a BAI Emerging Leader and attending BAI Beacon helped ignite my passion for innovation and technology. That passion has spilled into our marketing team’s support of various projects across the credit union, whether it be revamping of our credit card rewards platform or updating the look of our mobile banking app.” 
- Chelsea Gstohl, Pelican State Credit Union

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Kathleen Schmitt“Being selected as an Emerging Leader has been important in my professional development in many ways. BAI Beacon provided me with the opportunity to connect with individuals who were in similar roles or levels as myself within their organizations, get to know and network with senior leaders in the industry and strengthen my relationships with business partners by bringing back a wealth of relevant content and information that I learned.”
- Kathleen Schmitt, M&T Bank

Acceptance Process

Acceptance to the program was announced on July 9, 2018, for Early Acceptance recipients, and August 10, 2018, for Final Deadline Acceptance recipients. Acceptance was based on the following criteria:

  • Career accomplishments, contribution to current and previous organizations, contribution to the industry.
  • Activities, interests and affiliations (not limited to financial services).
  • Ability to demonstrate how being accepted into the program will impact nominee’s career goals.
  • Nominations submitted by a manager or senior leader are encouraged.

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