BAI Emerging Leaders Network

Recognizing, Developing & Connecting Future Leaders

The next generation of leaders are the fuel for the financial services industry’s journey into the future. They are the bold thinkers and passionate advocates that are already helping to shape the direction of our industry in an era of new ideas, cutting-edge technology and rapidly-evolving customer expectations.

We are proud to lead the BAI Emerging Leaders Network, a compelling professional development program that helps rising stars with 10 years of experience or less in financial services become stronger leaders, gain recognition and drive positive change in the industry. This powerful network creates exciting new learning, mentoring, networking and visibility opportunities that foster career success.

Benefits of the BAI Emerging Leaders Network

  • Gain Industry Recognition: BAI Emerging Leaders gain prestige within their organizations and across the financial services industry. You receive visibility via social media, press releases, industry publications, including BAI Banking Strategies features, and other BAI programming.
  • Grow as a Leader: Participants build their leadership skills and industry knowledge, fostering future growth opportunities. As part of the complimentary BAI Individual Membership benefit, BAI Emerging Leaders receive access to a catalog of online learning courses and exclusive webinars to build professional skills and learn more about key industry issues. You also receive a complimentary pass to an in-person experience at the BAI Industry Forum where you’ll explore challenges and opportunities impacting financial services, as well as leadership topics with senior industry executives.
  • Build Your Network: A strong network is a key component of career success. Connections and learnings are fostered year-round via the BAI Emerging Leaders dedicated LinkedIn group of current program participants, past alumni and industry leaders dedicated to the program. Informal meet-ups can also help you deepen relationships and learn from one another.
  • Help Move the Industry Forward: The program gives you the opportunity to participate in special projects that help further BAI’s mission of helping financial services leaders make smart business decisions and drive positive change in the industry.

BAI Emerging Leader Network Program Advisors

Our program advisors are past participants of the program with a passion for building and developing the network. Here’s what they have to say about the benefits of the program.

BAI Emerging Leaders Program Participant Julieta Falcon Uribe“Banking is an industry going through major change. To be recognized by BAI as an emerging leader was an honor and helped reinforce my drive and interest to make a difference in the future of this industry.”
- Julieta Falcón Uribe, BBVA Compass

BAI Emerging Leaders Network member Amber Vogel“To me this designation meant that I am in a position to create change in our industry, that I am recognized as a thought leader in my organization, and that I value connecting and collaborating with others in the financial services industry.”
- Amber Vogel, Alerus

BAI Emerging Leaders Program Participant Hubert Lubowicz“Recognition, to me, was one of the biggest highlights of my career thus far. It was a reassurance that my hard work and determination is progressing in the right direction.” 
- Hubert Lubowicz, PKO Bank Polski