BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable

Financial services leaders need actionable insights and meaningful connections to make smart business decisions and drive positive change within their organization. To facilitate this, BAI has created its executive roundtable series to foster an environment of safe sharing and open peer dialogue that moves the financial services industry forward while helping businesses and communities thrive.

The BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable represents the only peer networking group of its kind, focusing exclusively on senior contact center executives in retail financial services.

Thanks to technology-driven disruption, contact centers strive to evolve with the times and deliver excellent customer service in the process. Though keeping pace with technology is an ever-present feat, and a tough one at that, one thing is clear: contact centers aren’t going anywhere. And KPI’s like First Call Resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction and reduced Handle Time (HT) remain as top of mind as the potential for robotics and AI to increase efficiencies.

On the human side of things, digitizing the workforce, skilling up agents and attracting and retaining the right talent are crucial to success. Round out these themes with discussions about fraud management, the pursuit of innovation, cross-channel collaboration and more, and you get a sense for why these roundtable meetings are so valuable to participants. There is strength in coming together to share authentic perspectives and approaches, and in so doing, collectively drive positive change across the industry.

This interactive forum will be co-sited with the BAI Channel Strategy Executive Roundtable, providing a unique opportunity to better understand the role of the contact center within the overall distribution network while providing an opportunity to interact with a broader group of senior decision-makers.

Join us to discuss emerging issues and exchange best practices with peers!

BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable 2019 Schedule

October 8 - 10 | BAI Industry Forum—Boston, MA

Executive Roundtable Meeting

The BAI Contact Center Executive Roundtable serves senior contact center executives in the financial services industry. This dynamic and active peer group tackles key industry issues impacting contact centers and their evolving role within financial services, such as improving customer interactions, digitization, workforce management and much more.

Benefits of Participation

  • Take part in an exclusive industry group of senior contact center executives in retail financial services characterized by intimacy, trust, transparency and true peer networking.
  • Engage in strategic discussions around best practices, relevant challenges and opportunities facing leaders today.
  • Partake in a cross-functional peer discussion with senior channel executives on critical issues.
  • Access diverse peer insights and idea exchanges that build meaningful relationships and expand your network of experienced industry colleagues.
  • Drive agenda content: there is no hidden agenda, just a desire to help each other learn and serve as a sounding board for problem-solving.
  • Lead peer discussion groups onsite at this elite event that highlights your expertise on key priorities.
  • Gather actionable insights from guest speakers from outside the industry to gain fresh perspectives and practical takeaways to empower smart decisions.
  • Get connected with relevant BAI resources that have the power to enable your organization to plan better and go farther.

This invitation-only program is exclusively for executives at the Senior Vice President-level or above, from organizations with asset sizes of $10 billion and more. The event is intentionally intimate, and invitations are non-transferable.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable, please contact Angela Hills, Manager, at or 312-683-2377.