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Here's How to Get Involved

  • Become a Speaker

  • Join a Planning Committee or Council

  • Attend Executive Roundtables

  • Serve as a Judge for the BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards

  • Exhibit or Sponsor a Conference or Event

  • Sponsor a Webinar

  • Attend a Conference or Event

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Countless Opportunities to Enhance Your Confidence and Make Connections

As a leader in the financial services industry, you understand the importance of continuously learning and growing to keep up with an ever-changing industry. Staying in front of trends, and embracing fresh ideas and unique perspectives, are essential to your ability to drive positive change in your business and in your career.

Dig deeply into critical industry issues. With timely, thought-provoking conferences, seminars, webinars, and executive roundtables, you can engage in multiple ways. Watch, learn, participate, and build more meaningful connections across the industry. Then leverage your knowledge to help move your organization and the industry forward.

Get Involved

Discover the many ways you can get involved with BAI events, and how you can be a part of creating more meaningful connections.

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