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  • Application Fraud Explosion Do You Know Your Customers?

    Feb 27, 2019
    Application fraud represents one of the fastest growing business challenges to financial institutions (FIs) across multiple digital channels. By 2020, it is projected that US-based FIs will spend $1.4 billion dollars to fight checking account and credit card application fraud. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar featuring OneSpan and Aite Group analyst Shirley Inscoe for the latest application fraud techniques, and what actions can be taken to mitigate and detect multi-channel fraud to ensure better account opening and onboarding experiences.
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  • Transforming Employee Experiences to Transform Your Bottom-Line

    Mar 19, 2019
    Modern consumer experiences, coupled with new technology, have reset customer expectations. Financial institutions must raise the bar on their interactions with existing and potential customers to keep pace. But, differentiated customer experiences are not enough, banking organizations must also create differentiated employee experiences.
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  • Take Sales & Service Up a Level at the Branch

    The keys to successful referrals and cross-sells are preparation and curiosity. Preparation involves knowledge of the brand’s offerings. Curiosity about the customer leads to engagement that can provide discovery of a life event, need or problem that an attentive call center agent or a customer-facing specialist can offer a solution that results in a satisfying match. Yet, staff in these positions often struggle in making a smooth transition from handling an inquiry or transaction to a short, needs-based discussion that can lead to a referral or a cross-sell.
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  • Stop Your Customers From Cheating on You

    In a recent consumer study by BAI Research, 40% of respondents stated they had two or more bank deposit relationships, while 42% had two or more bank loan relationships. What can you do to minimize loss of wallet share and engage clients better to generate greater loyalty? Attend our upcoming webinar to find out.
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  • BSA Hot Topics: Money Laundering, Human Trafficking and Marijuana

    BSA continues to loom as a challenge to the financial services industry. The Financial Action Task Force recently released two publications — Financial Flows from Human Trafficking and Professional Money Laundering. This webinar will provide you an analysis and overview of the key points and action steps you should be taking.
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  • BAI Banking Outlook: What’s Next - 2019 Outlook

    Are your 2019 priorities aligned with your customers' expectations? BAI conducted separate surveys to consumers and leaders at financial services organizations to find out. Join us for this complimentary BAI Webinar to gain actionable insights that will help you make smart business decisions in the year ahead.
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  • Humanizing the Digital Experience

    BAI Beacon has teamed up with Jim Marous and Digital Banking Report on the release of a new report, Humanizing the Digital Experience in Banking. With such a huge emphasis by financial services organizations on digital transformation, coupled with consumers’ shift to self-service channels, it’s easy to forget the “human” aspect in the customer relationship. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar and hear new research that will illustrate ways that financial services organizations are using data, analytics and digital technology to humanize the customer experience in banking around the globe.
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  • Hype vs. Reality: The State of Digital Account Opening

    Research continues to reveal that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions still have a long way to go to satisfy the needs of customers who want to open new accounts via online and mobile banking. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar and hear from Stephen Greer, Senior Analyst at Celent, and OneSpan who will discuss how banks and FIs should approach key steps in the account opening process.
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  • Open Banking… Opening the Door to New Opportunities

    The reality is that financial services today is no longer a simple relationship between consumers and their financial institution. Now, it’s a growing ecosystem that includes telecoms and fintechs and other non-traditional banking organizations that are looking to expand their relationships with consumers by providing greater value and better customer experiences. In response, open banking is an opportunity for financial institutions to play a leading role in this ecosystem – helping them to be more responsive, innovative and more relevant in the lives of their customers.
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  • AI as an Innovative Disruptor in Banking

    Artificial intelligence innovations and capabilities are becoming more and more mainstream and the financial services industry is taking advantage of the transformational benefits. AI can enable businesses to change the way they do things, becoming more efficient, innovative, and operating more smoothly. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar and hear from industry experts who will share their perspectives on AI and how banks can innovate to succeed.
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  • Delivering on Your Small Business Customers Needs

    There is an untapped digital payment opportunity in the small business segment to better serve their needs, especially in B2B payments. Fiserv research indicates that Small Business customers are seeking new tools from their financial institutions to meet their need to save time, save money and expedite payments. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar and learn how to meet your small business customers' needs through digital.
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  • Building Sound and Sustainable Sales Practices

    In today’s competitive and regulated environment financial services companies continue to be challenged to drive growth through sound and sustainable sales practices. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar and hear from industry veterans who will share their insights on everything from what sales success looks like to best practices to help you improve sales outcomes.
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