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Retaining and Gaining Customers in the “Next Normal”

July 14, 2020

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to learn how a financial institution’s ability to thrive and drive loyalty will lie in its ability to reach consumers — proactively and reactively — with the products and services that address their needs.

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Payday Lending Rules – What You Need to Know

August 19, 2020

On July 7, 2020 CFPB issued the final rule related to Payday Lending Rule. This final rule revokes the Mandatory Underwriting Provisions of the 2017 Payday Lending Rule. This file rule is scheduled to go into effect in 90 days. Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar for insights into how you can manage these regulatory requirements.

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Meeting the Demands for Growth: One Institutions Approach to Implementing More Efficient Data Integration and Automation

April 4, 2015

While information is being integrated into processes at some financial institutions, repetitive and error-prone activities are still the norm in many cases. Explore a new approach for aggregating and integrating data across multiple legacy or disparate systems, internal or external web portals, websites, and business applications. Hear firsthand from a leading financial institution that tackled integration and automation projects through a no coding approach, which allowed them to deliver solutions to the business users in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional development tools. Learn how your organization can satisfy time-sensitive data needs supporting everything from regulatory compliance and financial reporting to customer experience initiatives and more.

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From Data Breaches to Identity Theft: Strengthening Data Security for Depositors

April 4, 2015

If a breach happened tomorrow, would your depositors know what to do? Data breaches are a top concern for commercial and individual depositors. When sensitive information is exposed, it threatens your financial institution’s reputation and bottom line. Plus, it places your customers at greater risk for identity fraud. Explore how education, protection, and remediation programs can help retain depositors by mitigating risks as you learn more about data security threats, industry best practices, proactive planning, and other critical issues.

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Digitization of Payments – Executing an Enhanced Digital Payments Strategy

April 4, 2015

To thrive and grow in today’s complex payments landscape, having a complete view of available opportunities is essential. With the growth of mobile wallets, wearables, and emerging technologies, discovering the best digital mix and developing an execution strategy, can be a significant challenge. Learn how new technology can be adopted within your organization and how to implement these strategies correctly to mitigate costly errors.

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TILA-RESPA Integration Part 1: A New Way to Disclose

March 11, 2015

Avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance and be ready to assist your financial institution with the new Integrated Disclosure requirements. In addition to an overview and coverage of the new requirements, examine the proper completion, timing, and delivery of the Loan Estimate Form, Closing Disclosure Form, Escrow Closing Notice, and Partial Payment Policy Disclosure. Improve your understanding of what is new and what has changed between your existing Truth in Lending and RESPA forms and the new integrated forms.

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