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Relevant content for today's financial services industry, providing you with a new perspective, fresh insights, and timely information. All created to help you navigate the business landscape.

Managing digital identity threats through data-driven risk decisioning

July 14, 2022

Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn how this workflow continues to evolve, adding new attributes, additional identity proofing and authentication solutions to the decisioning engine.

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The next phase in omnichannel: Innovative digital solutions that drive outcomes

July 20, 2022

Join us for a discussion led by BAI’s Holly Hughes with Jonas Ng, COO at Laurel Road, on his experience with engagement in banking and how he has leveraged a new kind of digital channel that maximizes the best of omnichannel in one place to drive more outcomes and satisfaction.

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When each call counts

July 27, 2022

Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn how the power of contact intelligence enables trusted connections, maximizes efficiencies using the best phone/email and time-of-day analytics to contact individual consumers and mitigates regulatory risk.

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Learn from other key opinion leaders in the industry on topics that continue to be informative, thought provoking, and relevant in today's financial services world.

Increase digital banking engagement with better data utilization

February 24, 2022

Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn how utilizing data to predict and act can help teams to maximize engagement throughout the customer lifecycle as well as stay relevant in a digital-first world.

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Digital onboarding: Prioritizing customer needs

February 16, 2022

Join us for a discussion led by NCR Terafina’s Kranthi Palreddy Syphax with Joann Marsili, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank and Crystal Radwanski, FVP, Digital Solutions & Innovations Manager of First Fed Bank to learn about approaches to digital innovation, onboarding, and prioritizing customer needs.

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Winning the SMB lending battle

February 9, 2022

According to a recent study, digital lending is anticipated to reach a market value of $587.27 billion by 2026. Join Alkami’s VP and general manager of digital account opening & loan origination, Har Rai Khalsa, as he sits down with BAI’s chief marketing officer, Holly Hughes, to discuss how traditional FIs can make loans more accessible to SMBs as well as better compete on innovations and user experience.

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Remove the PCI burden to grow your business

February 3, 2022

During this discussion with thought leaders from BAI and Very Good Security, you’ll learn how you can roll out new products faster by outsourcing data protection and PCI compliance—without giving up ownership of your valuable data.

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Learning from global customer experience trends

January 25, 2022

Join this webinar to learn global approaches that are redefining banking experiences for customers and employees.

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Stop wasting money on your Voice of Customer program

January 13, 2022

Join us for a discussion with industry experts where we’ll explore ways to both capture better VoC data and deliver a stronger ROI, moving beyond “measurement addiction” and overcoming barriers to action.

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Reg F): What to expect

December 9, 2021

How can you legally collect a debt via text message, voicemail, email or other electronic means?

Regulation F implements the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and provides some answers to those questions. The new version of the regulation is long overdue, and is effective in November 2021, making this a time sensitive topic.

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Are you prepared for 2022?

December 7, 2021

BAI surveyed financial services leaders and consumers to discover the latest trends that will face the industry in 2022 and beyond. Join us to find out if your 2022 business priorities align with your customers’ expectations. Discover how attitudes and behaviors vary across generations.

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New era, higher standards: How to give banking customers improved service

December 2, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to gain insights on prioritizing a digital-first approach to deliver effortless customer service. Learn about top trends driving the blend of personalization and artificial intelligence, and how to embrace autonomous finance while empowering customers to be at the center of every interaction.

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Three proven strategies for succeeding with people analytics

November 17, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to hear three strategies to successfully build a people analytics function that will shape the strategy of your business. You will also gain insights on how to invest in both the process and technology required to start and scale a world-class people analytics function.

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Roadmaps for transforming the banking experience

November 10, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to get a first look into Aite-Novarica’s recent research report, “Transforming the Banking Experience through Digital Growth.” You will gain insights on the roadmaps for quick time to value through integrated risk management and proper AI frameworks.

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Transform institutional onboarding: Connect people, process and data

November 3, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to learn how you can dramatically accelerate time to revenue and nurture customer relationships by simplifying, automating, and personalizing the customer lifecycle management experience.

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Upskill your workforce: Empowering bankers with intelligent data insights

October 27, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to explore democratizing data to create a robust data culture.

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Phone scams on the rise: How a pandemic played into the hands of fraudsters

October 20, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to get a better understanding about the rise and impact of phone scams.

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Optimized branch staffing: Responding to volatile customer demand

October 13, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to learn how a modern, accurate, and fit for purpose workforce management solution with staffing scenarios and robust scheduling can help you plan for and execute on the strategy that is right for your branch network.

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Future proof your financials

October 6, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to get a step-by-step plan for steering your financial institution toward high performance, resiliency and growth with agile and connected planning methods.

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Customer experience: How to raise the bar during a M&A transaction, digital conversion or other change event

September 28, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to hear an interactive discussion on how to plan and implement a fully connected transition experience that welcomes employees and customers to your brand.

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Grow business banking relationships with market-leading cash management

September 23, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to learn how Bottomline’s Digital Banking suite is a one-stop-shop for your business customers and your key to winning the battle for relationship primacy.

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The need for secure checks in a digital world

September 15, 2021

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to hear TROY Group’s Vice President of Global Sales, Ari Mellon, share insights on why there is a need to print secure checks and the proactive measures to prevent check fraud.

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Looking into the compliance crystal ball

September 9, 2021

In this webinar, we’ll look at current trends in regulatory compliance as well as pending rules and break down what we might expect from the new(er) administration.

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