BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable

Exclusively for Senior Contact Center Executives

The BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable represents the only peer networking group of its kind, focusing exclusively on senior contact center executives from financial services organizations with asset sizes of at least $10 billion.

This highly interactive forum provides an environment for contact center executives to share best practices and build a network of colleagues with similar responsibilities and goals. Thanks to technology-driven disruption, contact centers strive to evolve with the times and deliver excellent customer service in the process. Though keeping pace with technology is an ever-present feat, and a tough one at that, one thing is clear: contact centers aren’t going anywhere. And KPI’s like First Call Resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction and reduced Handle Time (HT) remain as top of mind as the potential for robotics and AI to increase efficiencies. On the human side of things, digitizing the workforce, skilling up agents and attracting and retaining the right talent are crucial to success.

The BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable is year-round and has a number of touchpoints for its members, including virtual and in-person executive roundtables that are co-chaired by contact center leaders from leading financial services organizations in the industry.

Benefits of Participation

  • Engage with a true industry peer group of senior distribution executives in financial services
  • Participate in strategic discussions around best practices, key challenges and opportunities facing leaders today
  • Access diverse peer insights and engage in idea exchanges that build meaningful relationships and expand your network of experienced industry colleagues
  • Take advantage of thought leadership within the peer group and beyond, including contributing to BAI Banking Strategies, as well as guest speaking opportunities on BAI webinars and podcasts
  • Hear perspectives from outside the industry, as well as access proprietary research that can impact your strategy
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise by taking a leading role in facilitating in-person and/or virtual peer group discussions

The roundtable is intentionally intimate, and invitations are non-transferable.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the BAI Contact Centers Executive Roundtable, please contact Dianna Mosley at [email protected].