Choose Your Category

This year’s BAI Global Innovation Awards program isn’t limiting nominations to specific categories. Innovations can be anything financial services related to improving business or retail customer relationships, leading organizational changes or improvements, or serving communities.

  1. Which stakeholder group does your innovation serve?
    • Retail customers
    • Commercial customers (including small business and corporate)
    • Employees
    • Your overall organization (ESG, DEI, leadership program, etc.)
    • Communities
    • Other stakeholder? Please explain.
  2. How is your innovation creating value for this stakeholder?
    • Improving or developing unique savings, investing, budgeting, payment solutions or customer experience?
    • Improving their access to financing or liquidity, including the customer experience?
    • Meeting the needs of underserved or underrepresented markets; other special segments (e.g., independent contractors or creator economy)
    • Other? Please explain.

Remember, not all innovation is about technology, think about organizational innovation, strategy innovation, process innovation, etc.

ALSO, NEW THIS YEAR: Rising Star Award

Is there an up-and-coming innovative leader in your organization? What makes them a Rising Star in your company and why should they be recognized? Tell us what drives their success and makes them stand out? Are they innovative, passionate, intellectually curious, driven yet also show empathy, authenticity, and positivity in all that they do?

If you have any questions about which category your innovation may fall under, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions. You may also review previous year’s winners for inspiration.