Why Submit?

Gain Global Exposure and Recognition as a Financial Services Innovator

As a BAI Global Innovation Awards winner, your achievements will be celebrated in press, social media, and on BAI’s web and podcast properties, including:

  • Exposure on the Awards website
  • BAI social media channels
  • Inclusion in press releases announcing winners’ names, their initiative, and their financial institution
  • Opportunities to be featured in BAI podcasts, webinars, and BAI Banking Strategies Newsletter

Winners and finalists will also receive:

  • Customized marketing templates to promote your accomplishment and
  • Rights to use of the BAI Global Innovation Awards logo (for your marketing and social media channels)

Submitting Has Never Been Easier…and There is No Fee to apply.

The award submission process is simple, plus, there is no fee to submit nominations. You can submit your information all at once or save your work and complete the application in several visits to the awards portal. The September 2 deadline will be here before you know it, so we encourage you to start working on your nominations now.

We encourage nominees to include a self-produced video of up to two minutes to tell us about your innovation as part of your application.

All nominations should be submitted via the awards portal.

The application will need to be submitted in the portal for consideration.

We have streamlined the submission application to encourage your participation. To share your innovation story, all you will need is:

  • Contact details of nominee and collaborators (if you are nominating a company besides your own) and company being nominated.
  • Detailed description of the innovation including the insight(s) leading you to recognize the opportunity, the features and benefits of the innovation, and how it addresses a market problem or opportunity for retail or commercial customers, employees, or the greater community.
  • Detailed description of the impact of the innovation either to retail or commercial customers, employees, or the community.

(Note: when providing information on impact, it is helpful to provide quantitative data to substantiate, however, if you are unable to provide any form of quantitative data or results then please provide qualitative evidence. Qualitative findings that will be deemed acceptable to demonstrate impact will show that the innovation helped grow one or more of the following – customer acquisition, information on increase in adoption of product or service among existing customers, impact on brand, customer retention and even customer feedback. Quantitative evidence can also include market sizing and segmentation insights supporting the business potential for an early-stage innovation still in the prototyping/proving stages.)

  • If available, supplemental documents such as marketing or promotional videos, non-commercial articles, and data to support the originality and impact of the nominated innovation.

Telling your story for this award has never been easier or more rewarding, so start your application now!