BAI Global Innovation Awards Finalists

Congratulations to the 2023 BAI Global Innovation Awards Finalists!

Ally (USA): 

Ally Financial: Clearpass

Auto lenders exchanging loans between themselves is not uncommon. It is uncommon, however, for lenders to pass fully vetted origination referrals to other lenders in real-time, while the customer waits, but that’s exactly what Clearpass does. When Ally can’t extend an offer for financing to a customer themselves, they automatically forward that application along to a dynamic group of up to seven other lenders who have different customer lending criteria than Ally. Ally is monetizing relationships with the dealers and other lenders to serve a customer who they couldn’t help through Ally Auto Financing.

BMO (Canada)

BMO New to Canada

For International Students specifically, proof of investment from GIC expedites the visa process, providing peace of mind and security in transitioning to Canada. To ease the transition of newcomers to Canada, BMO developed a digital capability to allow eligible newcomers from 13 countries to open a bank account and an International Student GIC instantaneously, before arriving in Canada. 

Banco BPI (Portugal): 


As the nature of the bank branch continues to transform, how can virtual reality integrate with the traditional banking experience? BPI VR is the first virtual reality bank branch in Portugal and the first banking app in the world available in virtual reality on Meta’s devices. This VR app allows customers to explore all the bank’s offerings in an innovative and interactive way, providing users with a unique banking experience. 

CaixaBank S.A. (Spain): 

Insights Center, CaixaBank’s research hub

Insights Center by CaixaBank S.A. is the first physical laboratory that investigates the banking experience from an omnichannel perspective. It’s guaranteed 360º customer-centric approach, helps the organization to stay tuned in with all kinds of customer’s needs, connects these insights to the development of the bank’s offering, and generates a unique knowledge base that helps the business units make decisions. 

Citizens (USA): 

Citizens Digital Butler 

Citizens Digital Butler is a secure and personalized self-serve capability coupled with a new, real-time interaction channel that clients can access from their corporate desktop, or while on-the-go via the Digital Butler mobile app. In short, it puts Commercial Bank’s multi-award-winning Concierge (human) servicing capability directly into the hands of clients – when they want, no matter where they are. 

Clair  (USA): 

Clair Digital Banking & On-Demand Pay  

At a time when 2/3 of America’s workforce lives paycheck to paycheck, Clair’s mobile banking app enables customers to avoid alternative and costly options. Clair’s banking services help over 50,000 workers get paid as soon as they finish their shifts – with zero fees. Small and large businesses have embraced this solution amid the front-line worker shortage, as they’re seeking unique benefits to attract and keep employees. 

Credit Sesame  (USA): 

Sesame Credit Builder  

For consumers with poor or no credit history, it is important for them to be able to build credit. This enables them to access loans, housing and lower interest rates, promoting financial stability. Sesame Credit Builder allows users to build credit without using a traditional credit card. When users make qualifying purchases with the Sesame Cash debit card, Credit Sesame attributes those purchases to a virtual secured credit card behind the scenes. At the end of each month with autopay enabled, Credit Sesame pays off the credit card and reports those purchases to the credit bureaus. This creates a credit history with on-time payments, a significant factor in building credit scores. 

Emirates NBD (United Arab Emirates): 


Capturing the attention of Gen Z & Y is more important than ever as they begin to hit big life milestones. Emirates NBD has repositioned its digital-only bank Liv (the first digital bank in the UAE) to focus on fulfilling the unique financial needs of Generation Now, comprising Gen Ys and Gen Zs. They have developed a suite of innovative, first-in-the-region products and services to serve this younger demographic. 

FlexCharge (USA): 

AcceptIQ Platform 

FlexCharge is an AI-driven platform that partners with merchants and payment fintechs to instantly review and recover failed customer transactions at no risk to the merchant and at no cost to the consumer. FlexCharge has reduced declines by over 30% resulting in higher revenues, lower cost of acquisition, and higher lifetime value for merchants. 

ING Turkey (Turkey): 

The Rise of Intelligent Internal Control

ING Turkey has integrated artificial intelligence models, robotic process automation, and data-driven transformation projects into the internal control unit’s operations to revolutionize the traditional approach to auditing and control processes. By focusing on employee development and collaboration, the project improved data literacy and coding skills, fostering an innovative culture and increasing cooperation within the organization. 

İşbank  (Turkey): 

Geleceğe Orman (Forest for The Future) 

In an act to increase awareness on the climate crisis, İşbank launched Geleceğe Orman (Forest For the Future) on their mobile app. Geleceğe Orman users earn carbon points through banking transactions and specific daily activities that enable to reduce their carbon footprints, and every 1,000 points earned is transformed to sapling donation in the name of the participants through the TEMA Foundation, a non-governmental organization for reforestation and the protection of natural resources in Turkey. 

mooPay  (India): 

Innovative Financial Services for Dairy Farmers 

mooPay is an innovative data-driven embedded financial services company focused on improving financial inclusion and economic empowerment of smallholder dairy farmers. Using the historical data of the quality and quantity of milk that farmers pour, mooPay has developed an alternative creditworthiness score, called mooScore™ in conjunction with Equifax, one of the world’s leading credit bureaus. Using AI-driven credit risk models, mooPay assesses historical ‘flow’ data and provides details to its banking partner that help underwrite credit risk, thus expanding lending capacity by originating new clients. 

NPL Markets (UK): 

NPL Markets Platform 

NPL Markets solution brings transparency and efficiency in the illiquid loan market by offering a comprehensive and integrated solution (with software for Data Preparation, Valuation, Reporting, Marketplace and a DataHub) for both performing and non-performing loans globally. The tool provides valuable insights and actionable intelligence, leading to improved profitability, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. 

PrimeLending  (USA): 

Driving Change Through Social Learning 

People learn better when they learn together. PrimeLending’s NovoEd social learning platform creates a collaborative learning environment that improves learning outcomes by fostering innovation, driving operational efficiency and ensuring a positive user experience. NovoEd promotes features like advanced analytics and tracking capabilities as well as an intuitive interface and mobile-friendly design. 

PNC Bank (USA): 

PNC Claim Predictor  

Insurers on average initially deny nearly $5 million annually in claims per provider, which results in either lost or at-risk revenue for healthcare organizations. To enable healthcare organizations to predict claims likely to be rejected, PNC Treasury Management recently introduced Claim Predictor. Claim Predictor uses artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to help healthcare organizations proactively identify inaccurate or insufficiently populated insurance claims prior to submission. 

Standard Bank (South Africa): 

The ESG Marketplace, via One Hub  

With the growing importance of ESG objectives, commercial clients need solutions and tools to understand the journey they are undertaking and identify, measure and track their company’s progress against their ESG goals. Standard Bank is the first financial institution in Africa to lead the way with a digital marketplace that offers a suite of sustainability-linked solutions, that help accelerate our clients’ ESG ambitions across the continent. 

The Bank of East Asia, Limited (China): 


Customers are getting more and more tech-savvy, and are looking for swift, seamless and personalized digital banking experiences. BEAST was created to accelerate fintech adoption for catering to customers’ needs, along with other strategic purposes to create values for different stakeholders across the Process, People and Technology. It is the bank’s fintech initiative that strives to synergize BEA, startups, and industry partners to create a vibrant fintech ecosystem and deliver mutual success. 

The Bank of East Asia, Limited (China): 

Intelligence-led Financial Crime Prevention 

Intelligence-led financial crime prevention (“ILFCP”) by Bank of East Asia, Limited is an innovative regulatory technology that revolutionizes fraud prevention by leveraging valuable intelligence to proactively detect and combat financial crimes. This cutting-edge typology utilizes high-risk parameters such as digital footprints and transactional counterparties to unveil potential crime syndicates operating behind the scenes. 

Veridas and BBVA  (Spain):

Veridas Voice Biometrics Solution  

The global pandemic of 2020 brought to light the increasing digital divide that alienates the elderly from today’s technological society. Veridas voice biometrics solution is the product of a long-lasting relationship with BBVA and was created from the need to improve the service to BBVAs elderly customers while protecting their health and safety. BBVA relied on Veridas to provide a solution that would enable a better user experience while raising efficiency and security levels. 

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. (Turkey):

Yapı Kredi Mobile “My World” Super App  

Currently, there are enormous amounts of mobile app choices that promise to make customers’ lives easier, but on the contrary, create a burden. Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. had a vision to accompany customers through their life journey beyond banking transactions leveraged by intelligent & innovative solutions, this led to the creation of their super app called ‘My World’.  Beside creating value for customers, the “super app” increases customer engagement and has a direct impact on the bank’s revenue. 

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. (Turkey):

Yapı ve Kredi FRWRD 

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. adopted a working culture that can produce continuous innovation by focusing on customer needs, both inside and outside the institution, with the perspective of being always ready for the future. The program creates a framework that offers faster and more innovative products through an ecosystem of partnerships and open innovation. 

Zenus Bank  (USA): 

Zenus Bank – Fraud Prevention 

Zenus’ mission is to create a world where physical borders don’t limit the financial services people have access to. Zenus is the first of its kind, making it easy and safe for clients to access, send, receive, store money in the U.S., make cross-border payments, and open a U.S. bank account within 10 minutes from anywhere globally, without requiring U.S. residency or citizenship. In addition, through Zenus’ innovative biometric solutions, cross-border payments can take place succinctly and safely. 

Zūm Rails (Canada): 

Zūm Rails  

Zūm Rails provides real-world solutions that merge instant payments and open banking. The Zūm Rails software allows clients to focus on distribution, knowing that on the back end, they have measured for risk, KYC and created an unparalleled experience for the end-user. Their platform creates a faster and more efficient payments process by eliminating the unnecessary lag time of money transfer using the Zūm Wallet, reducing the risk of fraud for instant payments, and creating an overall better user experience by utilizing their real-time data aggregation feature.