Innovation Spotlight & Trends Transforming the Industry

BAI is the global hub for connecting forward-thinking financial services organizations and leaders who are changing the face of the industry. We recognize and celebrate innovation through our BAI Global Innovation Awards and other thought leadership avenues.

Here you will gain knowledge into how leaders are leveraging internal and external insights to make informed decisions that lead to improved customer experiences and increased customer satisfaction. Plus, you will learn about the lessons learned during the innovation journey as well as strategies, techniques, and processes through a series of webinars, reports, podcasts and more.


Measure Innovation in Incremental Wins  

Amy Radin, financial services innovation executive, award-winning author and lead judge of the 2023 BAI Global Innovation Awards, and Raghav Agarwal, Vice President & Portfolio Head – Strategic Accounts, Financial Services, Infosys join the BAI Banking Strategies podcast to discuss recent innovation trends in the financial services industry and how banks can position themselves as leaders focused on customers, data, and collaboration. They also share some recent examples from the 2023 BAI Global Innovation Award Winners and how those standouts leveraged innovation to solve real-world problems and create positive impact.


Innovation in Commercial Banking Digital Experience: Citizens Journey and Lessons Learned

Holly Hughes, CMO at BAI leads a discussion with Ross Pringle, Head of Strategy, Digital Innovation & Change for Citizens Commercial Bank on Citizens’ innovation journey, their key successes and lessons learned along the way. Joining them is Ajay Bhandari, Vice President and Regional Head, Financial Services at Infosys who shares his perspectives on trends he’s seeing, as well as opportunities that lie ahead for financial services leaders to drive change within the organizations they work at and the industry more broadly.


Data + AI radar: Financial Services

Research shows that after surveying 2,500 AI practitioners from companies across 12 industries globally, financial services firms still lag other industries in AI deployment and their use cases are less mature. However, financial services firms are better than average at data collection and verification, and this report outlines how this industry has potential to lead by further investing in AI infrastructure and computing resources.


Banking on Continuous Improvement: Overcoming the Challenges to Drive Transformation in Financial Services

Research shows that cost reduction is a major priority for IT leaders in the financial services industry, but unfortunately, those programs haven’t yet achieved the expected outcomes. Despite all challenges and complexities, banks are aiming to pursue cost transformation with a “continuous improvement” mindset to deliver efficiencies on a sustainable basis. Cost transformation can become a springboard for accelerated digital transformation and genuine competitive advantage.