Innovation moves the world forward. It’s what creates better businesses, improves the quality of our lives, and drives positive change. And it’s as powerful and necessary in the financial services industry as anywhere. BAI’s Global Innovation Awards exists to be a catalyst for innovation in the financial services industry worldwide. So that together, as global innovators, we will move the industry forward. Because a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses, and communities thrive.

Since 2011, the BAI Global Innovation Awards program has connected forward-thinking financial services organizations and leaders who are changing the face of the industry and positively impacting profitability, efficiency and customer experience. To date, the awards program has received thousands of nominations from financial services organizations all over the world, becoming a catalyst for innovation and one of the most prestigious awards in the financial industry.

BAI is a catalyst in three ways: by celebrating achievement, delivering actionable insights, and connecting leaders. We recognize and celebrate leaders in innovation through the world’s premier financial services innovation awards program. We deliver actionable insights and new perspectives on innovation - to educate, inspire, and supply new perspectives. And we are a global hub for connecting financial services organizations and leaders shaping the financial industry of the future.