Innovations are evaluated on the core tenets of originality and impact. Beyond this, judges are interested in understanding the big how, the cultural element, the universality and scalability of an innovation, its creativity, simplicity, opportunity to challenge the status quo and the collaboration (including cross-industry) required to bring the solution to life.

Painting the picture to include such elements in your entry will strengthen your case as a prospective Award-winner.

All submissions for each innovation category must be complete and launched in the market after July 2018. All awards recognize organizations– not specific individuals.

Awards will be bestowed for the following categories. More detailed descriptions of the product categories will be added when the program opens for submissions.

Consumer Products or Services

Customer Experience

Human Capital

Internal Process Improvement or Business Model



Small Business Products or Services

Societal & Community Impact


Please note BAI reserves the right to refrain from awarding winners or finalists for any category should none naturally emerge.

If you’re uncertain about which category your innovation might fall under, it might be helpful to review previous innovation winners as you select the corresponding category for your submission. You can also email [email protected] with any questions.