A BAI Global Innovation Award provides enduring recognition and global visibility of groundbreaking achievements in financial services innovation worldwide. Winners and finalists of the highly prestigious awards program benefit from an elevated status as an innovator and industry visionary, realizing both internal and external rewards.

We encourage self-nomination from leading financial services organizations as well as nominations from solutions providers, media and public relations firms and industry analysts on behalf of their clients.

Participants in the awards program can expect:

  • Worldwide Visibility: The awards program will draw top financial services organizations from around the globe to compete with the best of the best. All winners and finalists will be honored on the website dedicated to the awards program, drawing additional recognition for all participants throughout the year and beyond. Many of these organizations also receive media coverage related to the Awards and the recognized innovation, further enhancing the visibility of both the company and its innovation.
  • Prestige Among Peers: Prominent innovators throughout the global financial services industry will be invited to participate in the awards program. Additionally, winners and finalists gain an elevated reputation for the innovative culture and accomplishments of the organization, often enhancing brand value.
  • Valuable Recognition: Participation in the awards program offers an organization internal affirmation of the global significance of their work and an elevated status externally as an innovator and industry visionary. Ultimately, awards participants realize a strengthened culture of innovation and motivation to continue their efforts. Finalists and winners will also receive exclusive benefits to honor their achievement in transforming the industry through innovation, such as:
    • Finalists will receive complimentary registration to BAI Beacon, recognition at the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards programming, in a press release and a certificate of recognition to bring back to the organization, among other benefits to honor their accomplishment.
    • Winners will receive complimentary registrations to BAI Beacon, recognition at the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards programming and in a press release, video interviews, and the signature award, among other benefits to recognize this significant achievement.

Note that the awards recognize organizations – not specific individuals.


Participants Have Said...

“The best benefit of being a participant in the BAI Global Innovation Awards is that you can measure yourself, since you are competing with the biggest players around the globe. Thus, you always have to find unique and seamless innovative solutions that both your customers and your market will benefit from, and they should be distinctive enough to make you win the global innovation race. You have a very good chance to see what other innovators are doing and what is their approach to banking innovation; as well as you can learn about different perspectives and different innovative products all around the globe.”
– DenizBank (Turkey), 2016 and 2014 Most Innovative Bank of the Year winner

“Immediately after [winning Honorable Mention], the award attracted media attention and it was a good opportunity for us to publicize our service. And in the longer term, the award gave us credibility for business development and alliance discussions with other companies, recruiting, etc.”
– Jibun Bank (Japan), 2013 Honorable Mention for Disruptive Business Model

“Participation in the BAI Global Innovation Awards was one of the most important steps taken by Alior Bank toward becoming internationally recognized and proven as a dynamic, innovative organization. BAI also provided the opportunity to meet great people, share experiences and establish interesting contacts - especially with new partners and technology providers. If you can be recognized as a company that has global impact in terms of redefining business-as-usual in retail banking, why not try?”
– Alior Bank (Poland), 2016 Innovation in Internal Process Improvement winner

“Winning this award further reinforces our commitment and investment in innovation. Our aim is to make significant breakthroughs by integrating innovative ideas, technologies, processes, and talented people. We have recently established an innovation center which greatly facilitates creativity, innovation, and staff engagement as part of our mission to build an integrated digital banking platform with an “omni-channel” approach in order to continually improve customer experience…. The awards served as a great reminder to always be open to new initiatives, new thinking, new collaboration, and new ways of doing business. We gained many insights and witnessed emerging trends among the winning innovations of financial institutions from across the world, some of which have truly disrupted the market. These experiences will undoubtedly spur us on to make further innovations in our banking operations.”
– Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong), 2015 Most Innovative Bank of the Year and Channel Innovation winner