2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalists

Human Capital Innovation

The 2018 BAI Global Innovation Award winners will be announced during a live webinar on Aug. 28, 2018. Registration is free. Sign up today!

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist Albaraka BankAlbaraka Turk Participation Bank

The Experience of Creating Different Results with the Same Resources: The Yorunge Project!

Many people in the current organization were those who worked standard hours, completing their shifts as obligated. Many of them continued the daily routine, but no one knew anyone outside their own team nor worked on common projects. Many became sick of their daily routine and were not demonstrating professional improvement.

The Yorunge Project has shown people they can achieve something with a common mind and vision of their own, without taking orders, by breaking out of routine. Thanks to Twister questions, 48 employees were chosen for this project from a group of 250 and were split into six project teams.

The Yorunge Project is a new organizational model that motivates employees by eluding assumptions and learning without help and free from hierarchy in an equal manner, and struggling to achieve a common goal.

With the Yorunge Project, Albaraka employees had the opportunity to develop and prove themselves in different subjects besides their current jobs. They contributed to total benefits on a free platform by getting out of the routine. Employees were given the chance to present to the entire senior management team. They have gained self-confidence and brought the holacracy to the bank. Outside of their current role, they found themselves encountering brand new issues, seeking solutions to questions or problems they may have never thought of before.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist DenizBankDenizBank

HR in a Pocket

DenizBank created a mobile platform for employees to ensure prompt communication, ease of access to HR platforms and wake up their hidden innovation potential.

Deniz’de (At the Sea) mobile app allows employees to access information about news and developments in the bank, daily canteen menu, and discounts available for employees, internal job posts, information about closest pharmacies and hospitals, insurance policy status and HR FAQ. Employees directory and contact information is accessible through the application to ensure efficiency on the go.

DenizTV is available for streaming view and video archive 24/7 together with “I have a solution- Open Innovation app” that allows employees to offer their solutions for operational effectiveness. There is no jury in this innovation platform, everyone can be a jury or problem solver. Everyone can decide which solution the best solution is or who is the most innovative person in this platform, so each user can be a part of solution/innovation. DenizBank calls the users who provide input to the solutions “investors” in the game.

For employee motivation, a ‘thank you’ element was introduced, allowing employees to ‘thank’ each other virtually by selecting from a variety of card designs and corporate values.

With the issue of risk culture being particularly relevant for the banking industry, the app was enriched to include a tab providing employees with information and educational videos on the topic, including an opportunity to suggest their approaches for solving risk culture-related problems.

Newly appointed Branch Managers go through onboarding procedures with the help of Denizde mobile application, as the system provides them with the list of actions and meetings that need to be complete within the first week.

Gamification elements were introduced into the application for active use, as employees win badges for their activities within the app. Each user has limited points to invest in the innovative ideas in the application and are given the control to evaluate the solutions and decide to invest in the idea. Thus, each employee takes the risk while evaluating and choosing the best solution. If the solution is selected as the best among the others, investors who gave the recommendation will also earn extra points. In addition, users can invest in the duellos fora chance to earn extra points.

Thanks to the “I Have a Solution” app, all the ideas and solutions will be in an open innovation platform that facilitates brainstorming between employees in an online platform.

Currently the app has over 1, 000 active users who participate in contests and pulse surveys using other functions of Denizde app.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist Fifth Third BankFifth Third Bank

Fifth Third’s Maternity Concierge

Fifth Third Bank’s Maternity Concierge is a program to retain the Bank’s female employees and increase the number of female senior leaders. The Maternity Concierge is a free program for pregnant employees and women with children less than one year old, to help with everything from planning baby showers to finding daycare.

The program, unlike any other in the country, is available for all 18,000 employees, from tellers to executives with a goal of retaining and recruiting female employees. The program was designed to assist women during pregnancy, after the baby is born and especially upon their return to work. The program’s goal is to help any woman who wants to stay in the workforce; more than 400 women have used the program since it launched in February 2017. The Maternity Concierge continues to evolve, adding free breast milk shipping during work travel, an extra four weeks of paid time off and a new financial empowerment component.

After a year with the program, the bank has found that women who enrolled in it were almost 25 percent more likely to remain at the bank six months after returning from maternity leave than women who didn’t use the program.

The bank found that 86 percent of women who enrolled in the Maternity Concierge program – either during pregnancy or when they returned to work – remained at work six months after taking leave, compared to 62 percent of the women who didn’t enroll in the program.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist Intesa SanpaoloIntesa Sanpaolo

ISP Digital Learning – Portal and Smartphone App to Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Today, employees want their work experience to be as engaging as their customer experience. They ask to be informed and trained just in time, prefer tailored content immediately usable in their work and is easy to find and readily accessible. They are conscious that technologies offer new opportunities to know, connect and learn.

Intesa Sanpaolo addressed this challenge by creating an innovative Learning Model.

The aim is to shift learning towards digital, to make it more flexible, user friendly, easily accessible and more customized to individual and job-related needs. The bank wants the learner to be the manager of their own learning. It has therefore developed a new physical model, based on an ecosystem of bite- size learning objects which are co-designed with the users, available in different formats according to the learning objectives and merged with live moments or events.

This new engaging experience is conveyed through two digital channels: APPRENDO, the new learning portal and APP SCUOLA DEI CAPI, the mobile app for managers with a profile home page, tailored content, editorial topics and recommendation systems. App Scuola dei Capi also has a “My Digital Trainer” section that suggests personalized and specific learning activities to help managers fill their skill gaps based on internal assessments. These new platforms have been created to disrupt the traditional banking workforce training concept while increasing employees’ engagement with a new Netflix-inspired digital learning service.