2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist Albaraka Bank


Human Capital Innovation

Albaraka Turk Participation Bank – Turkey
The Experience of Creating Different Results with the Same Resources: The Yorunge Project!

Many people in the current organization were those who worked standard hours, completing their shifts as obligated. Many of them continued the daily routine, but no one knew anyone outside their own team nor worked on common projects. Many became sick of their daily routine and were not demonstrating professional improvement.

The Yorunge Project has shown people they can achieve something with a common mind and vision of their own, without taking orders, by breaking out of routine. Thanks to Twister questions, 48 employees were chosen for this project from a group of 250 and were split into six project teams.

The Yorunge Project is a new organizational model that motivates employees by eluding assumptions and learning without help and free from hierarchy in an equal manner, and struggling to achieve a common goal.

With the Yorunge Project, Albaraka employees had the opportunity to develop and prove themselves in different subjects besides their current jobs. They contributed to total benefits on a free platform by getting out of the routine. Employees were given the chance to present to the entire senior management team. They have gained self-confidence and brought the holacracy to the bank. Outside of their current role, they found themselves encountering brand new issues, seeking solutions to questions or problems they may have never thought of before.

Albaraka Yorunge Project team
Albaraka Yorunge Project team photo

The Problem

People in the current organization were those who worked within the hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., completing their shift with their current obligation. Many of them continued the daily routine, but none of them knew anyone out of their own team, nor worked on common projects.

Although people have been serving in our bank for years, they did not know what one other than their own unit does or even did not care. Many of our friends already went through the motions, did not improve themselves. We have shown people that they can achieve something with a common mind and vision without taking orders, on their own, by breaking out of the routine with this project. They both have gained self-confidence and brought the holacracy to the bank.

The Solution

We didn’t say to those people that convene at the following hour, do the following things. They completely determined the subject, the method and how they will do the work. Our aim was to expect them to do something completely out of their current area of responsibility. However, they delivered a lot of results as if they were a business unit. They collaborated with an agile working methodology and the sense of mission for the total benefit and perhaps they delivered close works with the ones, which the real business units do. Because they were uninitiated with the work and they were away from the learned helplessness. They just put forth what they need to do step by step, analyzed the requirements and worked step-by-step. They job shared based on roles. In case of need, they benchmarked with other companies, invited experienced people who know the business to the meeting, got ideas from them. As the occasion arises, they demanded from us to organize the training, and we organized the training for them. When the job was over, we wouldn’t impose any sanction or they wouldn’t be judged for not doing job, their performance wouldn’t be questioned even if they don’t do anything. But they proved by doing good work that self organization is more valuable than the control in today’s world. We have taught people to be able to take initiative, to be able to work out of a certain flow, to put forth something with a completely internal combustion mechanism.

The Outcome

1. Within the scope of Women’s Banking, only 14 percent of the deposits in our bank belong to women. These customers were also individual customers. There were no company owners, business managers and entrepreneurs among these customers. As part of the the Yorunge Project service model, female customer deposits have begun to increase. There has also been an increase in the number of female customers and the name of the product used. It will continue to grow even more.

2. Our team working on frozen lenders provided credit to the bank-wide rating system by researching customer behavior and adding to the decision tree the types of chronic customers it found. New figures released as a result of the work of the relevant units and the contribution of the Yorunge Project: The next loan ratio of our bank was 6.02 percent in the sixth month of 2016 and 4.68 percent by the end of the year.

3. Our team working to increase deposits has done a feasibility study at the matter of creating alternative hook products with next generation payment systems and by cooperating with several financial technology entrepreneurs of our bank, has started to work intensively at the matter of issuance of more than one new product. Our first issued product existingly is the “Account Pays” application, which removes the necessity of POS device.

4. The work done by our other group is more abstract. Our team working on “Increasing the Number of Reading and Happy Employees” organized five seminars, three theater shows, two poetry shows and a large number of reading sessions. Since these events were organized by our team from the General Directorate (Konya Province), about 100 of our employees have not been affected by this project, but they have benefited from this, even though they increased the morals of our friends. and inspired them.

However, there are side effects posed by our net exits.