2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist DenizBank


Human Capital Innovation

DenizBank – Turkey
HR in a Pocket

DenizBank created a mobile platform for employees to ensure prompt communication, ease of access to HR platforms and wake up their hidden innovation potential.

Deniz’de (At the Sea) mobile app allows employees to access information about news and developments in the bank, daily canteen menu, and discounts available for employees, internal job posts, information about closest pharmacies and hospitals, insurance policy status and HR FAQ. Employees directory and contact information is accessible through the application to ensure efficiency on the go.

DenizTV is available for streaming view and video archive 24/7 together with “I have a solution- Open Innovation app” that allows employees to offer their solutions for operational effectiveness. There is no jury in this innovation platform, everyone can be a jury or problem solver. Everyone can decide which solution the best solution is or who is the most innovative person in this platform, so each user can be a part of solution/innovation. DenizBank calls the users who provide input to the solutions “investors” in the game.

For employee motivation, a ‘thank you’ element was introduced, allowing employees to ‘thank’ each other virtually by selecting from a variety of card designs and corporate values.

With the issue of risk culture being particularly relevant for the banking industry, the app was enriched to include a tab providing employees with information and educational videos on the topic, including an opportunity to suggest their approaches for solving risk culture-related problems.

Newly appointed Branch Managers go through onboarding procedures with the help of Denizde mobile application, as the system provides them with the list of actions and meetings that need to be complete within the first week.

Gamification elements were introduced into the application for active use, as employees win badges for their activities within the app. Each user has limited points to invest in the innovative ideas in the application and are given the control to evaluate the solutions and decide to invest in the idea. Thus, each employee takes the risk while evaluating and choosing the best solution. If the solution is selected as the best among the others, investors who gave the recommendation will also earn extra points. In addition, users can invest in the duellos for a chance to earn extra points.

Thanks to the “I Have a Solution” app, all the ideas and solutions will be in an open innovation platform that facilitates brainstorming between employees in an online platform.

Currently the app has over 10,000 active users who participate in contests and pulse surveys using other functions of Denizde app.

The Problem

Modern business standards have undergone tremendous change compared to just 5 years ago. Workforce is mobile and lines between personal life and work life are increasingly blurring. A majority of people are assessing information and services through online and mobile platforms. They want to have access to information on the go, and are not always reachable by e-mail. iMobility of employees is increasing each day and old school methods of communication with employees via e-mail and office phone lose their effectiveness. That is why we decided to make the majority of HR information and services accessible through a mobile application. Employees are in need of a system that will enable them to promptly check-in with the latest news, make prompt approvals and more, without having to login to a computer.

The Solution

Our main value proposition is to foster a corporate innovation culture within the bank by making the idea sharing process much easier, funnier and interesting. There are several platforms in other banks for the same purpose, but those platforms become less relevant after a while as the employees notice that their ideas are not evaluated appropriately.

In our application each idea can be read and assessed by 14,300 employees including tellers and CXOs. Since employees are assessing and commenting on each other’s solutions, each employee has the chance to discuss their ideas with experts who are hard to be reached during work hours or make other employees think about the same subject, creating other innovate solutions. Even C-level managers are commenting or liking the ideas of employees. Employees are motivated by the impact of their solutions and encouraged to push their limits to find new innovative solutions.

“Thank You Card”: Motivation is one of the most important points of our HR processes. That’s why we started a trend on our mobile app “Thank You Card”. The mission of this trend is to “motivate and be motivated”. Employees thank each with the “Thank You Cards” in their daily business life.

“Pulse”: HR must always check the employees’ pulse. In other words, the pulse of the employees is the main source of HR. With the pulse surveys, HR can plan future actions about the employees. The managers can also see the pulse survey results and take actions about their teams.

Employees also take part in competitions and win awards and this increases the motivation of employees.

The Outcome

One of the biggest components of Denizde (At the Sea) App is “I have a solution- Open Innovation app”. With “I have a solution”, 90 percent of DenizBank employees started to use the app and enter their solutions immediately. In three months, 350 solutions have been submitted and those solutions have been liked 2,580 times and commented 780 times. 85 duellos have been started and finished and the engagement and motivation to innovation culture increased 95 percent.