2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist Intesa Sanpaolo


Human Capital Innovation

Intesa Sanpaolo – Italy
ISP Digital Learning – Portal and Smartphone App to Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Today, employees want their work experience to be as engaging as their customer experience. They ask to be informed and trained just in time, prefer tailored content immediately usable in their work and is easy to find and readily accessible. They are conscious that technologies offer new opportunities to know, connect and learn.

Intesa Sanpaolo addressed this challenge by creating an innovative Learning Model.

The aim is to shift learning towards digital, to make it more flexible, user friendly, easily accessible and more customized to individual and job-related needs. The bank wants the learner to be the manager of their own learning. It has therefore developed a new phygital model, based on an ecosystem of bite- size learning objects which are co-designed with the users, available in different formats according to the learning objectives and merged with live moments or events.

This new engaging experience is conveyed through two digital channels: APPRENDO, the new learning portal and APP SCUOLA DEI CAPI, the mobile app for managers with a profile home page, tailored content, editorial topics and recommendation systems. App Scuola dei Capi also has a “My Digital Trainer” section that suggests personalized and specific learning activities to help managers fill their skill gaps based on internal assessments. These new platforms have been created to disrupt the traditional banking workforce training concept while increasing employees’ engagement with a new Netflix-inspired digital learning service.

Intesa Sanpaolo Human Capital team photo

The Problem

Intesa Sanpaolo’s decision to radically change the learning model was mainly guided by the following needs:

  • To train a deeply diversified working population (about 100,000 people)
  • To have a more flexible access to learning.
  • To design a new service model that encounters people and division needs reducing traditional time to delivery
  • Overcome general catalogue approach in favor of a learning offer that is highly personalized in terms of language, experience and jobs needs
  • Always be up to date on new products, markets, trends
  • To be digital, innovative, user friendly and engaging, also enhancing people digital culture
  • To reduce costs of learning service delivery (i.e. traveling to physical classroom)

The Solution

To train such a diversified population we embraced our 3J approach: “Just in time,” “Just for me” and “Just enough.”

Learning is now available on smartphone and laptops. Employees can log in with a non-mandatory approach, plan their learning activities, look at what the system recommends based on need assessment evidence.

This way, in-presence training has become an opportunity to focus on networking through “events” (e.g. Meet the Guru happenings, large Outdoors) but also to increase individual one-to-one in presence mentoring, tutoring and coaching. Both are delivered with a “phygital” approach, as the mobile App is a part of the training experience.

The “Management Academy” mobile app is addressed to about 7,000 group executives to train, inform and support networking in a smart, digital and comfortable way. The focus of its video contents ranges from best managerial practices to cutting-edge banking, business and technology trends, fostering managers to become digital ambassadors for their own employees.

Apprendo is a “Netflix like” brand-new learning portal targeting the whole group population. An ecosystem of thousands of bite-size learning objects which are completely re-designed and that can come as fiction, tutorial and infographic, of a 5’ maximum length. Different streams show editorial contents, recommendations, mandatory objects and personalized job training items.

The Outcome

The Learning Media Lab today is up and running. The whole production is based on an agile “factoring” method with seven teams of experts (e.g. instructional designers, video-makers, graphic designers, illustrators…) developing the learning material.

We implemented a Digital Dashboard to manage learning contents’ lifecycle from demand to publication. This unique system allows us to control workload, production efficiency and product quality, with custom KPIs measuring digital training’s effectiveness and thus addressing specific communication actions. More than 1,000 ad-hoc digital contents have been delivered.

Apprendo and the Management Academy app are very well appreciated by employees. Apprendo has more than 1.6 million views, while the app has collected 200,000 views and thousands of enthusiastic comments and ratings. More than 40 percent of total use so far occurred outside formal working time.

ISP Digital Learning has already enabled savings up to 20 percent of direct running costs, not including those related to people travelling (estimated of about the same amount).

The next step will be to convert assets and capabilities for a go-to-market of our learning services, turning the Learning function from a cost to a profit generator.