2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

Innovation in Marketing

Intesa Sanpaolo – Italy
XME Conto UP!: The Banking Account Designed for Kids

Intesa Sanpaolo team photoXME Conto UP! is the commission-free current account designed for kids under the age of 18, launched by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank as part of a wider initiative aimed at acquiring and growing the young customer base through new, dedicated products and services. It leverages the latest technologies relative to user experience and security to better serve digital natives’ needs and passions, and increase the bank’s market share in this segment.

In addition to the current account XME Conto UP!, the Bank completes its offering for kids by providing them with a debit card (“XME Card”), a prepaid card (“Flash card”) and a physical tool designed to manage pocket money and small savings (“XME Salvadanaio”).

The Problem

In order to bring young people closer to the bank and increase their interest in the offer, it was decided to activate marketing and communication initiatives in collaboration with the most popular partners of young people attracting different customer segments and leveraging their passions.

The Solution

Through the partnership with Panini, the leading Italian company of stickers, consumer comes close to Intesa Sanpaolo thanks to the passion for football, games and collecting. Minors can go to one of the group’s branches and open the new XME Conto UP! during the period of the competition and receive as a gift a kit consisting of a box with 500 stickers and the Calciatori 2017/2018 album for themselves or as gifts. They have chance to win a ball simply by composing the word “C-A-L-C-I-A-T-O-R-I” with the letters found on the back of some lucky cards.

In addition to enhance the passion for football, Intesa Sanpaolo has reserved a special promotion for its small customers (fee equal to €0 for XME Conto UP! until the age of majority). Furthermore, for those associating XME Salvadanaio, the rate on the provisions set aside will be 1 percent through April 30, 2019, and 0.50% up to 18 years of age.

Panini Tour UP! was also organized in 30 cities in Italy in the most famous Italian squares, Intesa Sanpaolo Group branches and shopping centers. In these events, participants can play in engaging games, have fun with their parents or friends and have the opportunity to complete and certify the album Calciatori 2017-2018. Panini Tour UP! 2018 is the frame of the new and exciting challenges of Figuriniadi! in which participants can win fantastic gadgets including, almanacs of football, medals, backpacks … Also with Panini, the Bank is launching an initiative dedicated to little girls, which plans to give away the “Dream kit” of the series “Maggie and Bianca” to all those who had opened XME Conto UP! during the period of contest.

The Outcome

In the first year of launch of XME Conto UP! about 100,000 new openings are planned. This is a long-term investment, which aims to retain young customers, also through the Youth Bonus: a bonus dedicated to account holders which rewards with a dedicated rate calculated on the average stock up to 18 years. Thanks to the Panini initiative, 40,000 accounts were signed in just three months.