2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalists

Innovative Touchpoints & Connected Experiences

The 2018 BAI Global Innovation Award winners will be announced during a live webinar on Aug. 28, 2018. Registration is free. Sign up today!

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 Finalist CaixiaBankCaixaBank S.A.

CaixaBank Now App

CaixaBank is the leader in European and global market share of online banking with a 37 percent in mobile and 32 percent in web (ComsCore). Our company is the leading retail bank in Spain with almost 5.9 million active users and 2.2 million mobile-only customers, the largest number of active digital customers in the country. In February 2018, CaixaBank launched a new app for its customers, CaixiaBank Now, designed to make the day-to-day of clients much easier.

The new app launches new features following core principles such as user experience-oriented, faster and intuitive, management tools and everything in one click.

Through the CaixaBank app, customers have access to a wide variety of services offered by the entity and perform all the usual banking operations.

The app is characterized by:

–     All the personal finances from the mobile, without going to the ATM or office, making the day-to-day of our customers much easier
–     Orientation to the user experience
–     100 percent mobile design
–     Interactive graphics
–     Incorporation of artificial intelligence
–     Lack of need for coordinates card and incorporation of the signing mechanisms into the client’s mobile phone
–     Faster and more intuitive experience

–     Simpler to use and faster hiring process
–     Analytics to optimize processes
–     Contextualized advertising
–     Native advertising formats
–     Push messaging with rich media
–     Ability to navigate between the bank’s different apps without the need of Identify themselves using the user and password again

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist HDFCHDFC Bank Limited

HDFC Bank MobileBanking Card

MobileBanking Card is a digital pass that helps customer perform basic banking transactions. It can be added in Apple wallet of all iPhone users either by clicking the personalized link received via SMS, scanning the QR code or by visiting

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist mBankmBank S.A.

New Mobile App – Breakthrough Customer Experience in Distribution of Banking Products

There is big hype surrounding mobility. Everything around mobile is accessible with one tap, but the banking sector is still quite traditional and conservative. Mobile banking applications usually offer transactional features, but to buy any product customers have to visit a branch to sign an agreement.

mBank’s mobile app delivers an e-commerce-like experience. All the core products – loans, accounts, deposits, insurances – are available fully online in the app. No branch visit needed, no pen-to-paper signature: Only digital confirmation with a PIN code.

mBank has designed from scratch the app’s user experience and user interface (UX/UI) and has delivered mobile-first processes that allow the bank to sell loans (cash loans, overdrafts, credit cards) and insurance in fast and convenient way (30 seconds, one screen, two input fields). Using machine learning, big data and straight-through processing mBank is able to make credit decisions in 30 seconds.

The app also offers human touch. Customers can utilize video chat, text chat or a quick phone call. Moreover, when a customer leaves a product form without contacting mBank, this event is sent to the bank’s CRM and mBank will contact the customer to offer support and assistance.

The mobile app is a “real-time digital advisory center.” It analyses customer behavior, including clickstream, transactions and even location. When a customer is traveling (CRM event: flight tickets purchase) and did not buy travel insurance, it will be offered in the right moment and place using geofencing (e.g. airport).

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist USAAUSAA

IVR to Digital Channel Shift

USAA’s IVR to Digital Channel Shift allows members to seamlessly transition from the organization’s IVR system to its mobile app whenever self-service digital experience is available. The implementation recognizes if the caller is on a smartphone device and if they have the mobile app installed. If those factors hold true the member is given the opportunity to complete their business in the mobile app. If the member opts in they instantly receive a push notification or text that deep dives them into the section of the mobile app that allows them to complete their transaction. This technology has been implemented for Debit Card Fraud claim submissions, address change requests and property claims submissions.