2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist HDFC


Innovative Touchpoints & Connected Experiences

HDFC Bank Limited – India
HDFC Bank MobileBanking Card

MobileBanking Card is a digital pass that helps customer perform basic banking transactions. It can be added in Apple wallet of all iPhone users either by clicking the personalized link received via SMS, scanning the QR code or by visiting

HDFC Team PhotoThe Problem

In the current scenario, digital migration poses as a challenge for Banks and therefore they are always looking for additional digital touch points which are not only low cost but also convenient for on-boarding customers.

The primary channel for migrating customer digitally is the NetBanking portal post which customers prefer using HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App. However, due to storage constraints, it act as a deterrent for app installation. The other alternative for the non – tech savvy customers was SMS / Toll – free banking which again had its own challenges

The Solution

We developed a solution wherein HDFC Bank customers can bank using a wallet card that acts as a digital banking pass. To simplify the process, customer is provided with a link or a QR Code through which the customer can add the digital banking card directly to their iPhone’s Apple wallet. The in-built Mobile Banking card is auto updated from the back-end.

The HDFC Bank branded digital card is distributed via a personalized link that is sent via an email or an SMS to all the iPhone identified customers of the Bank. On clicking the link, the card gets automatically set-up and customer has to just ‘add’ it in the wallet.

The Outcome

Currently, Mobile Banking Card has 1,140,000 users with a retention rate of 86 percent. Approximately 98,000 customers’ device details, location and customer category are available. These details help in building customer profiles and accordingly we are able to push personalized offers and notifications. Mobile Banking Card has resulted in cost savings and a potential revenue of USD 0.21 Mn as every customer who is migrated to digital platform helps in saving a cost of $2.2 to the bank.