2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist USAA


Innovative Touchpoints & Connected Experiences

IVR to Digital Channel Shift

USAA’s IVR to Digital Channel Shift allows members to seamlessly transition from the organization’s IVR system to its mobile app whenever self-service digital experience is available. The implementation recognizes if the caller is on a smartphone device and if they have the mobile app installed. If those factors hold true the member is given the opportunity to complete their business in the mobile app. If the member opts in they instantly receive a push notification or text that deep dives them into the section of the mobile app that allows them to complete their transaction. This technology has been implemented for Debit Card Fraud claim submissions, address change requests and property claims submissions.

IVR USAA team photo

The Problem

There are three problems we focused on with this innovation. The first was to free up our member service representatives for more complex member questions. The second was to reduce hold times and finally to promote self-service in order to reduce call volumes.

The Solution

Our solution provides callers with the ability to self-serve their requests on our mobile app which reduces calls and thereby lowers hold times and leaves our member representatives free to handle more complex situations for our members.

The Outcome

We’ve seen an average of 15-18 percent of calls from the 3 deployments of the technology redirected to self-service options on mobile. In addition, the debit card fraud deployment saw an increase of 1,200 percent in claims submitted via mobile vs our credit card implementation which did not leverage the IVR to Digital channel shift technology. Insurance saw an increase of 17.75 percent claims submissions through digital and 37 percent of members who opted in continued to use our digital experiences to check their claim status.