2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Winner

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 Finalist CaixiaBank

Innovative Touchpoints & Connected Experiences

CaixaBank S.A. – Barcelona, Spain
CaixaBank Now App

“An app designed to make the day-to-day of our clients much easier.”

CaixaBank is the leader in European and global market share of online banking with a 37 percent in mobile and 32 percent in web (ComsCore). Our company is the leading retail bank in Spain with almost 5.9 million active users and 2.2 million mobile-only customers, the largest number of active digital customers in the country. In February 2018, CaixaBank launched a new app for its customers, CaixiaBank Now, designed to make the day-to-day of clients much easier.

The new app launches new features following core principles such as user experience-oriented, faster and intuitive, management tools and everything in one click.

Through the CaixaBank app, customers have access to a wide variety of services offered by the entity and perform all the usual banking operations.

The app is characterized by:

–     All the personal finances from the mobile, without going to the ATM or office, making the day-to-day of our customers much easier
–     Orientation to the user experience
–     100 percent mobile design
–     Interactive graphics
–     Incorporation of artificial intelligence
–     Lack of need for coordinates card and incorporation of the signing mechanisms into the client’s mobile phone
–     Faster and more intuitive experience

–     Simpler to use and faster hiring process
–     Analytics to optimize processes
–     Contextualized advertising
–     Native advertising formats
–     Push messaging with rich media
–     Ability to navigate between the bank’s different apps without the need of Identify themselves using the user and password again

The Problem

Our customers have always valued the mobile services we offer from CaixaBank. Even so, it is very important for the entity to constantly reinvent itself in order to offer a better service to the customers. That is why CaixaBank decided to replace the old app (which was mostly a mobile website) with a new native app that was completely redesigned and takes advantage of all the device’s own functionalities (geo-location, camera, biometry, access to contact agenda, etc.).

The Solution

The CaixaBank Now App is 100 percent oriented to the user experience, making the day-to-day of our customers much easier. The app is faster and more intuitive, and because we interact with our customers during all the phases of the development and improvement of our products and services, we are confident the app will provide real solutions to real problems. The CaixaBank Now app has been built jointly with the customers, and was tested with 100 clients.

The Outcome

In quantitative terms:

–     2.9 million customers have accessed the app since it was launched
–     270 million sessions have been hosted
–     1 million clients connect through the mobile phone every day
–     2 out of 5 digital operations are made through the mobile phone
–     15 average connections per customer per month
–     200 million transactions per month


In qualitative terms:

After carrying out a test with 100 customers in which the old app and the new app were compared, the results proved the success of the project: It has gone from having a perception of 56 points out of 100 to a score of 94. Customers found the new app simple (91.63 points vs. 59.88 points for the old app), and credible (94.25 vs. 65.63). More would recommend it (92.50 points vs. 50.63 points) and more liked the design (95.75 vs. 48). In addition, although usually most of the users who use online reviews to leave negative thoughts, the latest version of the app got a much higher number of positive reviews compared negative reviews is much higher. Ninety-five percent percent of online store reviews are positive.

Key Collaborators

–     15 Project Owners
–     10 Technical Product Owners
–     1 Art Director
–     3 UX Designers
–     2 Call Center Leaders
–     1 Scrum Master (Scrum and Agile)
–     72 Developers (Team Proveedor)

CaixaBank Now app launch party

Development Timeline

CaixaBank development timeline

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