2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Winner

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist OneConnect

Best Application of Data Analytics, AI or Machine Learning in a Product or Service

Shenzhen OneConnect Smart Technology Co., Ltd. – Shenzhen, China
AI Verification Using Insure Tech

“AI verification has solved the problem of real-body verification and it provides technology support for the development of the insurance industry in the internet era.”

In the insurance industry, it is difficult to verify the identity and behavior of a certain person in various business affairs. In September 2017, after years of deep development and research, AI verification, an online identity verification product, was launched. It has offered certification service for over 100 million people with 25 percent market share in China’s insurance industry. Furthermore, the app usage rate has reached 16 percent among customers, the database has been called 700 million times between January and June 2018, and the app itself has been designed and modified for over 100 set up modes. As a result, 50 partnerships have been built for further cooperation.

The Problem

In the three main scenarios of the insurance industry (insuring, preservation, claim settlement), there is huge demand for online verification during the expansion of web-based business. If the problem remains unsolved, the expansion of the insurance business on the internet will be obstructed.

The Solution

We offer a multidimensional comprehensive solution involving several AI technologies—big data, biological recognition, image contrast, OCR, video detection, NLP—into each kind of scenario, applying multiple combinations into online verification in order to supply technology support for the development of the insurance industry in the internet era.

The Outcome

API Interface & SDK (for IOS/Android).

Key Collaborators

Our team has more than 20 staffs in the insurance industry who dedicate themselves to product design and provision of service. The person in charge of the insurance department is Leo Ma, an expert in the insurance industry. Within the research team, there are more than 150 staffs committed to application development and algorithm research. The leader of those staffs is professor JinXiao, a specialist in China. A majority of the team members have at least a master’s degree. Most of the crew has graduated from prestigious international or national universities such as Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China and Zhejiang University. Because of the educational background of the crew, the visionary leaders, and the commitment of the crew, the team not only has the cutting-edge technical skills to do the work, but also the international perspective to envision it.

OneConnect team photo
OneConnect Team Photo
OneConnect team photo

Shenzhen OneConnect Team Photo

Development Timeline

2014: Assembled the team to perform research on face recognition and related algorithms.

2015: Tested AI verification system in Ping An.

2016: Assembled the team to perform research on Voiceprint recognition related algorithms.

2017: Tested the Voiceprint recognition system in Ping An.

May 2017: The team’s face recognition technology won first place in the FLW competition. The rate of accuracy achieved 99.8%.

September 2017: Delivered intelligent authentication product in insurance industry, and achieved online solutions in insurance industry.

December 2017: The total usage of the intelligent authentication exceeded 100 million users.

March 2018: Upgraded the verification of ID card and OCR.

June 2018: Upgraded the digital signature feature.

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