2018 BAI Global Innovation Award Winner

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist USAA

Innovation in Societal & Community Impact

USAA – San Antonio, TX, USA
Aerial Imagery Tool

“The aerial imagery tool utilizes before and after images to assess damage so anyone can type in an address and see the images of the address before the hurricane and after.”

The Problem

USAA members visiting Eagle One in Corpus Christi asked if there was a way they could view images to see if their homes were damaged. This functionality didn’t exist so a member of the P&C Innovation team reached out to USAA Labs to see if there was a way for USAA to host aerial imagery. This would give members the ability to remotely search and view damage to their homes, regardless of if they were able to return to their homes to assess damage. After assessing the needs, it was determined technology to host the images did not exist, but the team was determined to find a way to make this possible and agreed that they would deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) of this capability within 24 hours.

USAA Aerial Imagery Tool team photo

The Solution

Other companies use aerial imagery to help expedite the claims settlement process, it is believed that USAA is the first to share our data with the public, making this unique and disruptive. Teams across USAA rallied around creating a solution and delivered an MVP in just 12 hours. Because this tool initially launched as an MVP, the team worked around the clock to make continuous improvements to the experience. In fact, after just 16 hours from launch, the team released MVP 2.0, making significant enhancements.

The Outcome

There were 43,622 total page visits and 39,527 total unique visitors. After this capability was delivered to the members, we extended this to our adjusters so that they could simplify the claims processing to make partial payments to our members. This gave the members money in their pocket to secure their contractor to begin the rebuild. We leveraged the aerial imagery to accelerate the process. Lessons learned were carried into the Wild Fire in California. The strategic version of this capability was estimated at being a two-week build out from where we left the MVP and could be reused for various catastrophes (hail storms, tornados, hurricanes, wild fires etc.).

Development Timeline

The tool was launched in less than 12 hours from the idea being brought to the Chief Innovation Officer.

This is the fastest we have ever turned around a minimum viable product (MVP) of this magnitude.

Sixteen hours after the tool launched, the team released MVP with significant enhancements.

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