2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Yapi Kredi

Best Application of Advanced Technology in a Product or Service

Yapı Kredi – Turkey
Financial Document Corrective Analysis (FOCA)

Financial Document Corrective Analysis (FOCA) is an artificial intelligence value creation project that aspires to support the operational and decision-making processes of corporate/commercial/SME sales and financial analysis departments. It digitizes free format, unstructured trial balance (t-balance) documents in order to empower sales targets and automate financial analysis through natural language processing, machine learning and pattern recognition. The FOCA system consists of two main projects: The first is smart portfolio management. The second is financial analysis automation that focuses on the customer relationship management and credit risk evaluation processes of corporate/commercial/SME customers. By removing the most time-consuming part of credit risk analysis, experts are freed up to concentrate on high value-added financial tasks and detailed sector analysis.