2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist DenizBank

Business Model Innovation

DenizBank – Turkey
DenizBank Banking as a Platform Initiative

DenizBank launched its new Banking as a Platform Initiative, which comprises five key components: 1) An open API platform, Aquarium, that allows the bank to create a space for potential partners to test its technology and services, and lets partners reach the bank; 2) An incubation center, the DenizBank Center of Innovation (DenizCI), that brings together partners and business lines within DenizBank walls; 3) A Platform Banking Strategy Committee, half of which is made up of outside experts, whose goal is to foster agility in decision making and objectivity; 4) An Innovation Committee including all the business lines and subsidiaries of DenizBank, which represents the insight required for its collaboration; and 5) DenizBank’s fintech, tech and non-tech related partners, who allow the bank to enhance and perfect their products and services.