2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalists

Human Capital Innovation

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 Finalist Alior BankAlior Bank S.A.

Smartphonisation – Alior Bank’s Mobile Way of Working

In 2018, Alior rebuilt its workspace by equipping its employees with smartphones and launching a modern, carefully designed portal that empowers communication, information sharing and delegation of tasks. The initiative provided employees with iPhones that came preinstalled with a set of productivity tools, such as cloud-collaboration, video chat, and messenger utilities, to create an agile way of working. In addition, Alior Bank launched Kompas, an internal portal where employees can comment, ask open questions, share knowledge and send notifications. Alior Bank has found that enabling its employees across the bank to communicate effectively and engage effortlessly has resulted in both improving engagement and increasing identification with the bank brand.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist DenizBankDenizBank

Internal Application of DenizBank Crowdfunding Platform Fonosentez

DenizBank’s crowdfunding platform Fonosentez draws on the Turkish tradition of İmece, or co-op work, meaning the kind of collective collaboration that helps others in a community. The bank applied this idea to its internal open innovation hub, called “I Have a Solution,” which allows every DenizBank employee to share the problems they see within the organization, and then rewards the best solutions. This year, DenizBank took this process a step further by placing the top projects from “I Have a Solution” on the crowdfunding platform, enabling the bank’s most innovative employees to further hone and cultivate their ideas. Projects that received enough funding were then considered for implemented within the bank since they already had completed their feasibility phase.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist HDFCHDFC Bank

Recruitment through Hackathon


Traditionally hackathons are used to innovate digital solutions, quickly develop new software and hardware solutions, and to prototype and test digital solutions. In a new twist on this idea, HDFC Bank decided to use hackathons for recruitment. The bank’s long-term plan is to integrate hackathons into their overall recruitment process.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Turkiye Is BankasiİŞBANK

Isbank Agile Atelier

With its 95 years of history and 25,000 employees, Isbank realized it needed to overcome some of the limitations that come with a hierarchical structure and bureaucratic operating model in its head office organization. To that end, Isbank implemented a new organizational model called Agile Atelier (an Agile Tribe) that aims to make HQ processes faster and more flexible. Highlights include a focus on “outcomes rather than outputs,” and a shift to agile planning that prioritizes long-term targets and banishes detailed, micromanaging plans. Now, teams aim to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) at the end of each two-week sprint. As the company writes in its Agile Atelier Manifesto, “Incremental improvement > Delayed perfection.”

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Ping An TechnologyPing An Insurance

Ping An AI Interview System


In order to meet its recruitment needs, Ping An Group has developed an AI-powered job interview system. This solution can be used to recruit candidates for entry-level positions as well as for senior positions that require comprehensive skillsets. The AI system provides a scorecard after the interview to indicate the performance of the candidate, together with a hiring recommendation. Anti-fraud measures include facial recognition and voiceprint technology. The company reports the AI interviewers have released human HR professionals from the complex initial screening work, reducing HR costs. This new system enabled the group to fill its openings and employ diverse, talented professionals that meet the demand of the group’s growth.