2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalists

Innovation in Marketing

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 Finalist CaixiaBankCaixaBank S.A.

imaginBank Agile Digital Marketing Room

Agile marketing builds on the principles of the agile manifesto to develop software and applies them to digital marketing. This approach focuses on fast and iterative tests, aimed at optimizing user experience and digital sales. The imaginBank Agile Digital Marketing Room Manifesto at CaxiaBank embraces this philosophy, as it aims to: emphasize collaboration instead of silos and hierarchy, respond to change instead of following a plan, launch rapid iterations instead of large campaigns, test and turn to data instead of opinions, invest in small experiments rather than big gambles, and make quick decisions instead of undertaking long approval processes.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 finalist ElevateElevate Credit

Elevate Credit 2019

Elevate, an online lender to customers with non-prime credit, applied concepts from behavioral science and nudge theory to help customers improve their financial health. They planned an email campaign sent to customers who had taken out a RISE installment loan. Thirty percent of customers received a standard welcome email. The other 70% of customers received the standard welcome message as well a reminder that Elevate reports payments to two major credit bureaus. This information acted as a nudge, or an indirect suggestion intended to affect behavior, by creating a subconscious awareness that “someone is watching.” Elevate found that customers who received the “nudge” message were past due on their loans less often and paid in full more often. The nudge group also saw a decrease in FPD, or First Payment Default. Overall, the nudge campaign resulted in higher revenue for Elevate on the group of loans.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Fifth Third BankFifth Third Bank

Momentum Sweepstakes

Fifth Third’s Momentum Campaign aimed to surprise and delight users while growing awareness of the bank’s product and also to drive app downloads and use. The bank created a sweepstakes that would give away $39,000 — the average amount of student debt carried by 2018 graduates —to each of two customers to pay down their debt. To promote the contest, the bank spent a year filming a 3-minute documentary about a customer named Jasmine, a nurse and a single mother, following her struggle to pay off her $185,000 in student loans. The documentary culminated with Fifth Third surprising her and paying off her debt. The campaign was featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Universal App Campaign and Apple Search. In brand surveys, the bank found that consumers who had heard about Momentum were twice as likely as those who hadn’t to consider Fifth Third for their banking needs.


BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Turkiye Is BankasiİŞBANK

“Maximum Gaming” Esports Platform

Isbank started to invest in esports under its main credit card brand, Maximum Card, with the aim of increasing the perception of the card among gen-Y and gen-Z markets. It also meant to build and strengthen emotional bonds between consumers and the Maximum Card. Isbank became the main sponsor of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray’s League of Legends and FIFA esports teams via the Maximum Card starting in 2017. The bank also created the Maximum Gaming social media platform to run a specific esports content marketing strategy, and it shared exclusive esports and gaming contents on its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Pelican State Credit UnionPelican State Credit Union

Pelican State of Mind


In 2016, Pelican State Credit Union launched a blog called Pelican State of Mind to reach audiences beyond those already interested in finance and the credit unions. It focused on family, fun and finance, three topics that aligned with Pelican’s down-to-earth brand. The finance section was initially created to help those who may be need more assistance with financial literacy to make better financial decisions. It has since strategically grown to include blog posts for readers in multiple stages of life, whether that’s having a newborn, teaching children the importance of saving, or buying a home.