2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalist

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2018 Finalist Alior Bank

Human Capital Innovation

Alior Bank S.A. – Poland
Smartphonisation – Alior Bank’s mobile way of working

In 2018, Alior rebuilt its workspace by equipping its employees with smartphones and launching a modern, carefully designed portal that empowers communication, information sharing and delegation of tasks. The initiative provided employees with iPhones that came preinstalled with a set of productivity tools, such as cloud-collaboration, video chat, and messenger utilities, to create an agile way of working. In addition, Alior Bank launched Kompas, an internal portal where employees can comment, ask open questions, share knowledge and send notifications. Alior Bank has found that enabling its employees across the bank to communicate effectively and engage effortlessly has resulted in both improving engagement and increasing identification with the bank brand.