2019 BAI Global Innovation Award Finalists

RegTech Innovation

HummingbirdHummingbird Regtech Inc

Hummingbird Regtech

Hummingbird helps financial institutions create a foundation upon which they can build their own machine-learned models by ingesting data from multiple sources, translating the data into a consistent schema, then labeling the data with insights gained as analysts work investigations queues within the Hummingbird platform. The result is a 10-15 x improvement in analyst productivity and the creation of feedback loops that help improve the accuracy of alerting systems.

Moody AnalyticsMoody’s Analytics

RiskFoundation™ Suite Hosted and Banking Cloud Solution

RiskFoundation™ Suite Hosted is a set of regulatory compliance and risk management solutions available for cloud deployment. These solutions cover a variety of regulatory requirements and accounting standards, such as International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9, current expected credit loss (CECL), ALM/IRRBB, and Basel I, II, and III. The Banking Cloud regulatory platform solutions feature cloud-native technology stack, enhanced business intelligence, data management, and reporting tools. The Transactional Reporting Tool (TRT), its first regulatory reporting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, addresses the European Central Bank’s AnaCredit regulatory reporting requirements.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist OneConnectShenzhen OneConnect Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

GAMMA Voiceprint Anti-fraud


GAMMA voiceprint anti-fraud relies on the underlying self-developed technology (voiceprint 1:1/1:N identification, gender identification, age identification, voice emotion recognition, etc.) and big data analysis. The voice can discriminate the identity, gender, age, emotion of the speaker, etc., and the customer portrait can be simulated remotely. In combination with the intelligent customer service and call center system of financial credit scenarios, a fully automated cross-certification system with “voice” as the ID has been established to help financial institutions improve their risk control ability.


Foresight Score


TSYS Foresight Score is a fraud and risk-management decisioning scoring tool that incorporates innovative real-time machine learning capabilities to deliver significant benefits and advantages to fight transactional fraud. Reducing fraud losses through the industry’s most advanced fraud detection algorithms, Foresight Score utilizes machine learning to accurately predict what is and isn’t a fraudulent transaction.

BAI Global Innovation Awards 2019 finalist Yapi KrediYapı Kredi

Digital Onboarding via Video Assistants


Regulations in Turkey require a wet signature for accepting someone as a bank customer, making it hard to design a seamless digital onboarding process in that country. In response, Yapı Kredi has designed a new process utilizing digital onboarding via video assistants within a mobile app, a first in Turkey. After filling out the short application form on Yapı Kredi Mobile, a user can initiate a face-to-face call with a video assistant at his or her convenience. Once the person’s ID is verified through the video call, a hard copy of the customer statement is delivered to the customer via courier. Users are able to start using Yapı Kredi Mobile right away for a specific set of transactions, and when the customer signs the form, he or she can perform all banking transactions.