The Bank of East Asia, Limited (Hong Kong, China)

The Bank of East Asia, Limited (BEA) has a long tradition of innovation. Dating as far back as 1969, BEA was one of the first Chinese banks in Hong Kong to introduce advanced technology to their operations with the installation of a state-of-the-art computer system. Always striving to provide best-in-class financial services, BEA upholds five core values: professionalism, customer-focus, integrity, progressiveness, and innovation. This ethos is the foundation stone on which the culture of innovation within BEA is built, and over the years has enabled BEA to hold a strong track record as a market leader and pioneer in online banking.

Taking a customer centric approach, BEA continues to innovate to enhance the customer experience. This is evident from the revitalization of SupremeGold which was a new direction for the bank and part of BEA’s ongoing commitment to constantly develop and search for advanced solutions to best suit their customers’ changing needs.

Through different channels, customers are invited to share opinions and suggestions, additionally, BEA is also dedicated to originality and in-house development. To source the best ideas and encourage creative thinking, BEA welcomes suggestions from nearly 6,000 employees in Hong Kong. Ideas and suggestion can be submitted quarterly and a generous cash prize is awarded for the best entry.