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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards for Disruptive Innovation in Banking.

These finalists have created innovations that are radical in nature with global impact that are redefining business-as-usual in retail banking. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include:

Alior Bank S.A.
Smart Collect – Intelligent Automated and Scenario-based Process of Debt Collection

The subject of making the collection process more effective while avoiding any adverse impacts to the relationship with the customer is an ongoing concern. With Smart Collect, Alior Bank introduced a sophisticated strategy of debt collection that’s supported by data analysis tools, automated generation and management of client-based campaigns; and employing multiple contact channels tailored to each customer, including AI agents used for contact-center campaigns. The project proved that using innovative technologies in collections, a critical part of the credit lifecycle, can provide a great, tailored customer experience that’s delivered in accordance with customers’ preferences. The introduced solutions covered the entire base of credit products for individual clients with overdue payments.

CaixaBank S.A.
Virtual Assistant in Foreign Trade WATSON

CaixaBank recently implemented the Watson Engagement Advisor (WEA) application, a new system that builds a more intelligent and efficient financial terminal, with better and faster access to information for employees. Watson allows the employees (more than 28,000 in this case) to ask questions to the financial terminal to gain access immediately and easily to a great amount of documentation (international mailing regulations, local regulations of other countries, internal regulations, etc.).

When a client asks a question, Watson instantly provides the answer to the advisor who, using this information, will be able to provide specialized recommendations to their clients.

Since its production started, Watson has already helped solve more than 2,400 queries about foreign trade. WATSON has been operational since the beginning of September 2015 and is available to every CaixaBank employee.

Directly Logging In to E-Government Service through Internet Banking

The DenizBank E-Government Log In Service innovation provides a new capability to DenizBank’s Internet Banking customers that both enhances the customer experience and streamlines their lives. The Internet Banking Management team provides an easy access to the e-government system with no password received from the government. Customers can log in to the e-government system with their internet banking username and password from both the DenizBank Internet Banking site and the e-government website.

DenizBank is the first bank in Turkey that integrated the e-government system into its Internet Banking channel. By this service, DenizBank served as a model for the entire Turkish banking industry. The Internet Banking Management team worked on this Project together with the DenizBank technology subsidiary, Intertech, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications and Türksat A.S.

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
The new humanoids “Pepper” creates next-gen customer services to the physical channel (Digital Omotenashi)

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. has launched an innovative branch solution with the deployment of “Pepper,” the emotional humanoid robots that act as a concierge, in the traditional formal Japanese bank branches. The primary impacts anticipated from this original innovation are to improve service to customers using AI and Big Data, and to provide a unique UX through Digital Omotenashi*. “Pepper” is capable of using its AI and Big Data features to investigate and analyze the customer’s interests by interacting while playing games or having conversations with customers. Also, from its unique comedy software developed by Yoshimoto, Japan’s largest entertainment company, it can provide “Rakugo,” which is the Japanese traditional verbal entertainment developed in the 18th Century. It also utilizes “Senryu,” the Japanese short poetry, which is submitted by employees.

*Omotenashi: Japanese mind of hospitality and customer service, offering service without expectation of rewards.