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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards for Innovation in Societal and Community Impact.

These finalists have all designed or enhanced products and services, or have provided channel accessibility to meet the needs of customers with special circumstances. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include:

BAC Credomatic
“Yo Me Uno” (I am in) connects NGOs with potential donors and volunteers, providing free fundraising, training and mentoring

Yo Me Uno (YmU – I am in) began with a question: if the bank is a financial intermediary, connecting those with resources with those who need them, can the bank also become an intermediary of wellbeing? How can the bank connect those who need help with those with resources and knowledge to provide it?

YmU is the most relevant undertaking in Central America to connect bank customers and the general public with NGOs. Through its website, YmU connects NGOs with potential volunteers and donors, while providing a free platform for crowdfunding, recruitment and in-kind donations.

YmU also offers NGOs extensive organizational capacity, building in essential management topics and one-on-one, pro-bono mentoring with senior managers from the bank and its corporate clients.

Location Directly Logging In to E-Government Service through Internet Banking

The DenizBank E-Government Log In Service innovation provides a new capability to DenizBank’s Internet Banking customers that both enhances the customer experience and streamlines their lives. The Internet Banking Management team provides an easy access to the e-government system with no password received from the government. Customers can log in to the e-government system with their internet banking username and password from both the DenizBank Internet Banking site and the e-government website.

DenizBank is the first bank in Turkey that integrated the e-government system into its Internet Banking channel. By this service, DenizBank served as a model for the entire Turkish banking industry. The Internet Banking Management team worked on this Project together with the DenizBank technology subsidiary, Intertech, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications and Türksat A.S.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB)
TEB Women Banking

Women’s influence to the national economies is the most substantial global progression where women are the biggest and fastest-growing market in the world. Over 37% of SMEs are owned by women and 70% of these women-owned SMEs report being unbanked or underbanked, which translates to a roughly $300 billion market opportunity. In Turkey, 10% of equity of Turkish SMEs belongs to women and Turkey has the highest ratio of unemployed university-graduated women in OECD countries.

Having taken the “Consultant Bank” approach in supporting the development of SMEs for a decade, TEB is now seeking to strengthen the presence of women-owned/led SMEs via its Women Banking approach. TEB is the first and only bank in Turkey which has set up a separate department and has begun providing Women’s Banking services.

WesBank in collaboration with FNB – Both, divisions of FirstRand Bank Ltd.
The WesBank Uber Driver Model – supported by FNB Vumela

WesBank, Uber S.A. and FNB Vumela developed an initiative which aims to create an initial 1,000 micro enterprises, empowering currently low-salaried drivers employed by Uber fleet-owners to own their individual vehicles, earn higher incomes and build their own businesses.

Unemployment and poverty alleviation remain major challenges in South Africa. Uber presents a model which can enable new job creation through expansion of its driving platform, however access to the vehicle ownership market is constrained by numerous factors. WesBank, supported by FNB Vumela, designed an innovative financing solution enabling Uber to expand their platform to previously unreachable owner-drivers, and in so doing, unlocked the latent potential this market has to contribute to the economy by generating sustainable jobs and incomes.