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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards for Most Innovative Bank of the Year.

Sponsored by: TCS Bancs

These finalists have all demonstrated an ongoing commitment to innovation and the advancement of retail banking. Innovation is exhibited through new-to-the-world products or services leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and having significant market and business impact. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include:

CaixaBank S.A.

CaixaBank believes innovation is the key tool required to be at the forefront of the financial sector and answer the demands of an ever-changing environment. Innovation is an integral element for increasing profitability, reducing costs and achieving the competitiveness that leads to success.

CaixaBank focuses its endeavors on four different spheres:
1. Innovation through in-house talent, adopting a mentality of change and the continuous improvement of working systems and processes to increase operational and commercial efficiency.
2. Innovation through customers, creating participative tools for learning more about their requirements.
3. Innovation by young talent. Every year, CaixaBank organizes an international competition, FINApps, for young talent from the mobile environment, in which participants submit new ideas for financial mobile applications.
4. Ongoing technological innovation, to remain close to customers.


DenizBank’s success in innovation lies in the composition of multiple factors. Special innovation teams and innovation committee structures are formed to focus on customer problems and innovative solutions together with the business and technology teams, which accelerate and encourage the innovation process.

Besides organizational positioning, DenizBank is committed to diffusing an innovative culture throughout the company where every employee believes in collective wisdom and synergy. As customers are more connected than ever, all DenizBankers devote themselves to innovative thinking and creative values. In addition, DenizBank adopted an eco-system banking approach and puts significant effort towards building a digital ecosystem with all crucial players.

To improve its open innovation network, DenizBank continuously cooperates with intelligent business partners and works to develop new business models.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK (FNB) – A division of FirstRand Bank Ltd.

Innovation is part of FNB’s DNA. It is one of its strategic pillars and comes to life in its corporate values. The FNB innovation culture is embedded in everything it does and challenges employees to constantly think differently and solve business needs innovatively. It enables employees to challenge the status quo and is mainly driven by:
• A base philosophy that innovation is how the business operates
• Decentralized decision-making that allows for quicker implementation and redevelopment where needed
• A formal employee innovation program that encourages learning and skills development

FNB’s Innovators Programme started in 2004 as an innovation and rewards program for employees, and has implemented game-changing innovations in the financial services industry since.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB)

Non-stop developments in technology and the new products and services they spawn force businesses to be constantly innovative not just to be noticed, but also to survive and thrive in the face of competition. Leading companies from different sectors around the world which follow a sustainable innovation strategy are able to reflect innovative efforts on their financial statements, too. Companies should not see investing in innovation just as project management, rather, their goal should be making permanent and sustainable contributions to a growing innovation culture. TEB invests in innovation continuously and indeed is quite bold in its efforts to do so. Through these efforts over the last 10 years, TEB has spread the culture of innovation throughout the bank and made it intrinsic to all its employees.