Congratulations to the honorable mention for the 2016 BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards for Most Innovative Non-Bank Financial Services Organization Award.

This category recognizes a non-bank financial services organization that provides financial products or services directly to consumers.

NerdWallet’s Checking Account Tool Removes Guesswork and Streamlines Selection Process for Consumers

Historically, finding the best checking account has been a challenge for consumers. With offerings from national, local, online banks and credit unions – all with varying interest rates and fees – the amount of information and number of products can quickly become overwhelming. NerdWallet addressed this problem with its free online Checking Account Tool, which evaluates 14 inputs from users against more than 3,300 checking account options to connect consumers with the best possible account based on their financial needs and preferences. NerdWallet also offers consumers access to Ask an Advisor, a NerdWallet platform that allows consumers to pose financial questions to a pool of experts to ensure they are equipped with the best information possible to make informed financial decisions.