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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2016 BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards for Product and Service Innovation.

These finalists have all substantially improved an existing product or service, or developed and introduced a new product or service that has engaged customers, unleashed new revenue opportunities or improved the bank’s competitiveness. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include: 

CaixaBank S.A.
imaginBank, the Mobile Bank for CaixaBank’s Millennials

CaixaBank has created imaginBank, the first mobile bank in Spain, and the first in the world that can only be accessed using mobile devices and social networks.

Thanks to imaginBank, it will no longer be necessary for CaixaBanks’ customers to visit a branch or access its website. Now, just a mobile device is enough to manage personal finances, make small payments between individuals or enjoy a wide range of offers in shopping and leisure.

imaginBank is a service aimed at young people who are looking for a new model of financial services based on its simplicity, transparency and social experience.

Fast Loan for SMEs

SMEs (DenizBank customer or not) can apply for a loan through SMS, WEB, Internet Banking, ATM or Facebook channels. The applicant is informed about the result of the loan application through SMS within 2 minutes, with a message including the approved umbrella limit, up to 80,000 TRY. The customer can then wait for the credit card to arrive, or visit any DenizBank branch immediately to withdraw his or her cash loan.

Quick Menu via O-BAI (Online Banking Artificial Intelligence)

The idea behind this product is “No one wants to spend time to customize their online banking for a simpler use, but it’s okay if this is prepared and offered to them.” DenizBank is the first bank in Turkey using AI for the creation of personalized online banking services. Formerly, an online banking customer had to find the previous transaction that they are searching for among 500 items in the menu. Now, by using the “Quick Menu,” it is easier to find past transactions among only a few items.

Nowadays, individuals are involved in so much technology that they do not spend any time using these features manually. DenizBank believes it is just the right time to align with customers’ changing habits in personalization expectations.

Wells Fargo
CEO Mobile® Biometrics

CEO Mobile® biometrics is Wells Fargo’s latest security innovation. CEO Mobile biometrics sets a new standard for mobile banking security and makes banking easier by giving customers a fast, secure way to access their mobile banking services without using passwords or tokens.

The CEO Mobile service is unique in that it offers customers a choice in how to sign on. Customers can sign on using the CEO Mobile Eyeprint feature, or their ID and password. The CEO Mobile Eyeprint feature uses a customer’s mobile device to create a template of their eye veins that can be used to identify them when they sign on, which saves time and eliminates the need to remember passwords and carry tokens.