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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards for Innovation in Human Capital.

These finalists have implemented strategies, investments or actions to creatively shape the governance of employees or programs. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include:

Alior Bank S.A.

“The Millennials Project” – how HR can prepare the organization for digital disruption

Alior Bank’s strategy aims to build a truly client-centric organization in three years, achieving ambitious growth goals through digital disruption, which requires talent acquisition in a difficult labor market. Undertaking the Millennials Project proved that HR can proactively build value for an organization and lay the foundation for a business model transformation. The Millennials Project is a new approach to HR strategy, entailing a cultural and management change with a forward-thinking approach to collaboration, leadership, people practices and culture. The initiatives resulted in a meaningful shift in employees’ attitude towards working at Alior Bank that translated into business results.

First National Bank (FNB)

The FNB League of Innovators: growing a talent pipeline through innovation and business impact

In the South African economy, skill shortages pose a key challenge to business-as-usual. FNB needed a way to attract, develop and retain graduates from fields not traditionally associated with banking – such as engineering, IT and actuarial science. To achieve this, a unique approach was designed to attract, select and develop emerging talent. A customized marketing campaign was crafted specific to each student discipline, and included gamification as well as on-site experiences that doubled as a selection mechanism. The development approach incorporated real business challenges the teams of graduates were challenged to work on as part of their training. This millennial-friendly graduate program enables an impactful, personalized approach with distinct business value.

Intesa Sanpaolo

Leveraging a sharing economy and alternative currency to realize a new generation of employees, family members and retiree community

A.L.I. by TimeRepublik is an employee, family member and retiree social community interconnected through a global “timebanking” platform, powered by a sharing economy startup. Members can post requests describing the service they need and posting skills sought to fulfil that request. Members earn ‘TimeCoins’ for completing a task, and can then spend the earned alternative currencies to receive a service from a community member.

The service relies on trust and reciprocity between members and the value of their reputation. Members exchanging services are encouraged to actively communicate with each other to ensure expectations are met.

Yapı Kredi


HEROES Club is one of the longer-term career programs in the banking sector that creates an opportunity for students to develop themselves professionally as they prepare to enter the business life and start their career at Yapı Kredi. HEROES Club offers various trainings for personal and professional development, full- and part-time internships and networking opportunities across a variety of departments with managers at Yapı Kredi.