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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards for Internal Process Innovation.

These finalists have made investments in technology or other to significantly upgrade aspects of infrastructure or operating efficiencies. Finalists listed in alphabetical order include:

Bank of East Asia, Limited

All-new Paperless Branch Network: Straight-through transformation within 36 hours

BEA is in the process of digitizing its entire Hong Kong branch network, and it will offer a universally straight-through, paperless customer experience by 2018. The new branch model delivers high-quality wealth management solutions and transaction banking. Processes are streamlined to enhance service efficiency, while space and manpower requirements are smaller, bringing greater cost efficiency.

The branch transformation process has been perfected to a fine art, with core work now being completed over the 36 “golden hours” between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning when branches are closed, ensuring minimum disruption for customers. Digitization has revolutionized not only the customer’s in-branch experience, but also the transformation work itself, allowing BEA’s construction team to carry out at least one branch transformation every weekend.


Intelligent Workforce Management

DenizBank’s Intelligent Workforce Management is an innovative tool that focuses on cost and efficiency, prioritizing customer needs with CRM techniques and business analytics.

The Intelligent Workforce Management Tool, developed by DenizBank’s IT subsidiary InterTech, is an intelligent tool that leverages CRM techniques and business analytics to avoid unbalanced workload distribution among departments, inefficient resource and peak-time management, unattainable SLA and unhappy employees or customers.

Instead of a siloed, centralization of operations, Intelligent Workforce Management effectively prioritizes based on CRM techniques. It makes calculations based on comprehensive mathematical models, creates automated and competency-based task assignments, and forecasts workload balances based on a variety of data sources.

Emirates NBD Bank

CRM Cockpit App: Mobilizing branches with Smart, Instant and Paperless Banking

Emirates NBD’s 3.0 CRM Cockpit App stands for instant, smart and paperless banking. It was positioned at the center of Emirates NBD’s digitization strategy where the bank aimed to increase migration to digital channels, increase automation and solve inefficiencies. It’s unique in that it integrates multiple systems on a single platform, combines ‘smart’ data, enables instant and paperless banking and delivers a true omnichannel experience.

It is the future of CRM systems and encompasses a 360-degree view of the customer, connecting 14 different systems at a single point. It presents offers and services ‘smartly’ by relying on big data insights from multiple factors like the customer’s background, profile and preferences. Front-line branch staff uses special tablets enabled with ‘biometric digital signature acceptance’, providing a unique experience that’s instant and paperless, simultaneously mobilizing branches.

Yapı Kredi

SAFIR (Smart Algorithms For Information Retrieval)

SAFIR offers a disruptive technology to enhance automation and digitization, effectively replacing manual back-office operations by using the self-learning power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) on noisy Turkish texts. SAFIR aims to eliminate the manual processing of free-formatted customer orders from various channels like fax, email and scanners with an artificial intelligence system. The tool automatically detects the process type of the customer order and directs it to the corresponding back office, then extracts all required entities by using NLP in Turkish. SAFIR enables the digitization of the most time- and resource-consuming, error-prone back office operations.

While SAFIR targets central domains and back office operations, there is no tool or application used in any of the banks similar to it. Using cutting-edge technology, SAFIR attracts potential customers from banking industries and beyond.