Congratulations to the 2017 Breakthrough Collaboration in Financial Services Award Winner

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Bank Millennium S.A. and PKO Bank Polski
E-administration in digital banking

In Poland, Bank Millennium and PKO Bank Polski (i.a.) worked together with the government administration to digitize the economy.

Thanks to advanced technology and experience implementing complex projects, in cooperation with the Ministries (among others the Ministry of Digitalisation), they have developed solutions enabling millions of their customers to access a wide range of public services through e-banking websites. This collaboration required matching multiple systems and processes on the banks’ and governmental side, as well as the efficient cooperation of many teams.

The first project was to provide their clients the ability to apply for child benefits through the banking services. The next step was to implement a login for the Electronic Services Platform of the Social Security Authority. A breakthrough in disseminating e-government services was the ability of e-banking customers to set up their Trusted Profiles, enabling digital authorization and online use of public administration services.

For millions of their clients, both banks have become a secure gateway to using e-administration. A significant share of access to e-administration in Poland is through the banks’ online systems. The banks’ ambition is to continue playing an important role in the digital revolution by supporting an innovative economy. That is why they systematically developed e-banking, increasing the popularity and availability of e-government services while maintaining a high-level of quality and security.

PKO Bank Polski and Bank Millennium Bank Millennium at BAI Global Innovation Awards PKO Bank Polski and Bank Millennium Amy Radin, PKO Bank Polski, Debbie Bianucci 2017 BAI Global Innovation Award winners