Congratulations to the 2017 Innovation in Payments & Wallets Award Winner


B2B Pay
Virtual bank accounts with unique IBAN numbers in Europe

The world is getting smaller, though this isn’t always apparent when looking at the modern banking system. SMEs that export lose a lot of money and time. B2B Pay provides SMEs that export to Europe with a virtual bank account using a unique IBAN.

They can collect payments from 35 European countries and save up to 80 percent in foreign exchange rates and international transfers. For additional fees, they can also unlock the ability to make SEPA transfers or global payments, purchase credit insurance or invoicing. B2B Pay’s goal is to make global banking local by connecting the various banking systems’ infrastructure. On top of this, they are building an IBAN directly on the blockchain to completely replace IBANs and SWIFT.

B2B Pay at BAI Global Innovation Awards Neil Ambikar of B2B Pay Neil Ambikar, Balazs Nemethi and Amy Radin Neil Ambikar of B2B Pay Balázs Némethi and Neil Ambikar Neil Ambikar, Miranda Hill and Balazs Nemethi 2017 BAI Global Innovation Award winners