Congratulations to the 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award Winner for Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services


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Taqanu opens the financial ecosystem for anyone by using a blockchain-based digital ID to enable financial inclusion and create equal opportunities

Taqanu started as an idea inspired by the surge of the European refugee influx and the mishandling of the new arrivals by the European member states. It is a holistic identity verification and e-money service designed to be a completely location-independent financial solution that aims to become a banking service anyone can use once they’ve established a digital identity to agreed-upon standards set by the level of verification the user can provide. It uses the digital footprint and a person´s phone to identify and authenticate people with a very high degree of accuracy, using the newly created digital ID to onboard users to a banking solution.

The self-sovereign digital ID gives the ownership of data to customers with the use of blockchain-enabled technology and encryption.

The core goal is to enable anyone with a smartphone access to a simple banking solution without the burden of a local regulatory regime, while also managing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risks.

Taqanu at BAI Global Innovation Awards Balazs Nemethi at BAI Global Innovation Awards Neil Ambikar, Balazs Nemethi and Amy Radin Balázs Némethi and Neil Ambikar Balazs Nemethi of Taqanu Amy Radin, Balazs Nemethi and Debbie Bianucci Neil Ambikar, Miranda Hill and Balazs Nemethi 2017 BAI Global Innovation Award winners