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BAI is the global hub for connecting forward-thinking financial services organizations and leaders who are changing the face of the industry. We recognize and celebrate leaders in innovation through the world’s premier financial services innovation awards program. Develop deeper knowledge of the strategies and processes behind these innovations through webinars, reports, presentations, podcasts, events and more.

BAI Banking Strategies Articles

Change makers: The force behind banks that win

April 8, 2019

As a BAI Global Innovation Awards judge, Amy Radin is seeking problem-solving breakthroughs as practical as they are incredible.

Your nomination invitation: The 2019 BAI Global Innovation Awards

Mar. 11, 2019

The challenges may seem limitless. But the potential to meet them is endless. It’s time to recognize breakthroughs that make a difference.

Innovation, insight, excitement: Highlights from BAI Beacon 2018

Oct. 19, 2018

While typical competitions culminate with the presentation of shiny trophies, BAI Beacon 2018 put a twist on the formula by, in essence, giving event attendees the chance to take home a portion of the spoils, including a series of sessions on applying learnings from BAI Global Innovation Awards winners led by innovation expert and FinTech Forge managing director JP Nicols.

How Hurricane Harvey led to a banking brainstorm

Aug. 31, 2018

USAA’s award-winning banking innovation flies above the rest—literally. The San Antonio, Texas-based financial institution is a co-winner for Innovation in Societal and Community Impact in this year’s BAI Global Innovation Awards.

Innovation and the winners’ destination

Aug. 29, 2018

Since the first BAI Global Innovation Awards were presented in 2011, the program’s focus has shifted from simply having BAI honor the winners, to having the winners honor their achievements by sharing what they’ve learned about innovation in action—and how they got there.

Welcome to the U.S. of I: American banks and the unstoppable state of innovation

July 30, 2018

What domestic banks learn from global leaders, they can apply to breakthroughs that in turn change the world.

From ideation to innovation—and invention

July 18, 2018

Finalists for the BAI Global Innovation Awards embody curiosity, grit and a proven ability to lead change rather than follow it.

Innovation, the next generation

July 9, 2018

BAI President and CEO Debbie Bianucci writes about how this year’s BAI’s Global Innovation Awards will inspire innovation—not just by honoring what the winners did, but also exploring in more depth how they did it.


Innovation in banking: How problem solvers become pace setters

June 11, 2018

Innovation expert and BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Amy Radin says banks can start their journey by asking how their next important project can change people’s lives.


Setting sale: 10 things you need to know as you build a successful ‘new retail’ experience

March 22, 2018

As brick-and-mortar giants such as Toys ‘R’ Us fail, BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Sandeep Deobhakta explains what banks can learn from Alibaba and the digital outlets that succeed.


A FinTech trailblazer reflects on the true meaning of innovation

March 14, 2018

Sue Britton, the CEO and co-founder of one of Canada’s most dynamic FinTech accelerators, and a BAI Global Innovation Awards judge, is a self-styled trailblazer.

Innovation superhighway: Leaders map the fast lanes to financial services success

Feb. 21, 2018

BAI Global Innovation Circle judges share their insights for 2018, bringing sharp clarity to the challenging topic of innovation.

Mission, vision, action and innovation

Nov. 1, 2017

The latest FinTech toys and digital breakthroughs will always grab attention, BAI President and CEO Debbie Bianucci writes. But at its heart, innovation is about much, much more.


International innovation meets industry impact

Oct. 18, 2017

The grand unveiling of the 2017 winners, which closed out day one of BAI Beacon, set a high bar for others in the field to clear—while also providing a good dose of leadership by example.

BAI Banking Strategies Podcasts

Smart ways to address new consumer habits with innovative tech

Mar. 29, 2019

BAI Global Innovation Awards judge Alex Sion of Citi’s D10X program explains how financial institutions can apply the latest technology to rapid changes in family life and consumer behavioral patterns.

What’s hot in banking innovation, fintech and digital growth

Feb. 05, 2019

Sue Britton, CEO and founder of the FinTech Growth Syndicate and BAI Global Innovation Awards Judge, gives us a glimpse on the most exciting developments on the banking horizon.

Podcast: An invitation to banking innovation

Aug. 7, 2018

In advance of moderating the BAI Global Innovation Awards sessions at BAI Beacon, JP Nicols of FinTech Forge talks about how this year’s finalists exemplify first-class innovation across categories from data analytics to community impact..

How an award-winning FinTech disruptor creates financial and societal change

Feb. 27, 2018

Balázs Némethi, CEO of 2017 BAI Global Innovation Award winner Taqanu, discusses how he leveraged blockchain to create a platform honored for its societal impact and disruptive innovation.

Banking innovation: It’s more than just FinTech

Aug. 4, 2017

The BAI Global Innovation Awards program has fielded thousands of submissions over its seven-year history. It’s given BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci insight as to what true banking innovation looks like. On this podcast, Bianucci discusses the many facets of banking innovation, from human capital to societal impact.

The pillars of financial services innovation

April 28, 2017

Miranda Hill, director, innovation and commerce strategy at ThoughtWorks in Seattle discusses the key attributes that make for successful FinTech innovation, as well as what she hopes to see from nominees for the BAI Global Innovations Awards.

Payments, innovation and the three big roles of banks and FinTechs

March 17, 2017

On this episode of the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk with Conny Dorrestijn, CEO of Shiraz Partners and based in the Netherlands.

BAI Webinars

Innovation Without
Borders: The 2018 Winners

August 28, 2018 – Download Recording

For the first time ever, the winners of the BAI Global Innovation Awards will be announced live during an open-to-the-public webinar! Hear from award-winning, global innovation experts who unpacked the importance of innovation to the betterment and competitiveness of global financial services to learn from this year’s honorees.

Born in the USA: Customer-Centered Innovations with Impact

April 5, 2018 – Download Recording

What do a financial health collaboration, a streamlined online account opening process and an end-to-end digital SME lending application have in common? They are all U.S.-based organizations that received recognition in BAI’s Global Innovation Awards in 2017 for the unique approaches taken to solve key customer problems. Join BAI for this complimentary webinar to gain actionable insights from award-winning, global innovation leaders.

A.I., Coming Soon to a Bank Near You

March 22, 2017 – Download Recording

Given the massive exposure A.I. has been getting in the media lately, you likely know that artificial intelligence (A.I.) holds major promise for the future of business – across all industries. What you might not know, however, is how A.I. is being implemented today to accomplish very practical objectives by leading global financial services organizations; such as to improve debt collection, enable customized, smart service menus, provide answers to complex foreign trade questions and more.