In-depth Research

Supporting informed decisions

In today's competitive marketplace, there's no shortage of data. The challenge is finding accurate and unbiased insights from a resource you can trust. BAI delivers in-depth data analysis, objective perspectives, and industry expertise so you can make smart business decisions with clarity and confidence, including: Where do I stand relative to my competitors? What are my areas of strength? Where are my opportunities to improve and grow? How has the market responded to recent strategic decisions?

Actionable Insights
  • Identifying Business Trends and Mobile Pay Opportunities

    Take valuable insights from a BAI Executive Panel completed in 2015 on current industry challenges, investment opportunities, and key business trends. Explore business priorities based on institutions and hone in on the top 3 investment priorities. Watch the on-demand webinar recording and discover the emerging impact of mobile payment and apple pay providers on financial institutions along with the current regulatory issues and most concerning types of fraud.

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  • Diving into Current Business Challenges and Opportunities

    Learn key insights on current business challenges and opportunities, investment priorities for various functional areas, financial health from a consumer and banker view, and small business growth priorities. Feedback was obtained through an online survey via participants in BAI’s Executive Panel in January 2015. Watch the on-demand webinar recording and identify business priorities by trends, and institutions, along with expense reduction opportunities.

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  • Consumer Insights to Help Institutions Prioritize

    Identify relevant content that focuses on key business challenges such as fraud concerns and loss, brand initiatives and culture, and channel offerings, transactions, and usage. Obtained through a survey of participants from the Schlesinger Associates consumer panel in August 2015, these valuable insights are designed to help institutions prioritize. Watch the on-demand webinar recording for relevant background on these insights.

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Comparative Analytics

Improve Decision Making and Strategic Planning

Compare current and prior performances for your institution versus peers. BAI provides key metrics to allow financial services leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of retail banking strategies by comparing current with prior year performance in vital measures.

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  • BAI Retail Banking Outlook

    Whether it’s defining the balance between digital and traditional channels or a renewed focus on talent management, financial services organizations face critical issues on several fronts. Learn what senior retail banking executives are focusing on in 2017, and stay up to date on current industry trends.
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  • Rates Are Rising- Are You Ready?

    Interest rates are on the rise, but what does that mean for the financial services industry? Take a journey through the past eight years to see how industry deposit trends have completely reshaped the deposit portfolio. Learn how bank balances shifted, what changed in cost of funds and where deposit balance growth has been realized. Find out how these trends will impact strategy as interest rates rise and what practical steps you can take to help prepare your organization in this changing landscape.
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  • Leveraging Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

    Customer experience is crucial to brand loyalty and customer longevity. And let’s face it; technology plays a huge role in the digitally savvy consumer’s perception of how well their needs are met. While many financial institutions tend not to think much of their online offerings, they are trusted by customers above almost any other service provider and report greater satisfaction with online banking than expected. So how can financial institutions take their services and customer satisfaction to the next level?
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