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What do you get from participating in BAI Research Programs?

  • Macro level Insights, derived from direct reported data, into the biggest banking trends
  • Validation of your initiatives compared to your peers, so you know if you’re lagging or leading
  • Flexible views that allow you to understand what’s happening through multiple lenses, including:
    • Deposit Product level analysis
    • Market level analysis
    • Segment level analysis
    • Channel level analysis
  • Timely data to keep a pulse on the market dynamics
  • Detailed metrics to measure what matters
  • Interpretation and review of results from BAI Research Intelligence Experts

Without real data, you could miss insights into understanding how you’re doing and where you need to shift. BAI’s independent, unbiased programs allow you to stop guessing and start implementing.

True Industry Expertise

We’ve delivered actionable benchmarking data and insights for two decades, enabling leaders to make smart business decisions every day. With the majority of the top 100 U.S. Financial Institutions contributing and relying on BAI to provide timely and insightful metrics we offer a bird’s eye view through data and conversations about what is really happening in the constantly evolving financial services industry.

What’s in Our Database?

Consumer Deposits Benchmarking:







Small Business Benchmarking (Businesses up to $20MM):







Go In-Depth With Our Benchmarking Programs

Consumer Banking: Deposits & Cross-Sell

BAI helps financial institutions understand consumer deposit benchmarking in the industry. The unique resource enables you to assess total deposit performance versus peers. Validate results, find opportunities, and create strategies. This report goes in-depth by product, account, household, and various segments.

Small Business Banking: Deposits & Cross-Sell

Define small banking your way by cutting BAI’s data how you need to see it, up to $20MM. This way, you can finally get comparable insights versus your peers. The report goes in-depth by business size, business age, industry and product to help you confirm results, find opportunities, and create strategies.

Digital Banking

Digital is complex. BAI brings a unique view into your digital performance to help you simplify results so you can validate how your digital acquisition, on-boarding, and adoption metrics compare to your peers.

Talent Management

BAI brings banking and organizational structure insight into people management. This includes recruiting and retention metrics, as well as DEI initiatives.

best interests in the industry

How BAI’s Unbiased Benchmarking Works for You

We provide unbiased insight into your performance. As a nonprofit, independent organization, we have no agenda other than promoting the best interests of financial institutions and the industry as a whole.

The Small Business Landscape is Rapidly Changing. Use BAI’s Small Business Industry Report to understand how to adapt.

Small business industry data gives financial services organizations the power to serve their customers. BAI and BrightQuery (BQ) have formed a strategic alliance to provide the resources businesses need to understand their markets, customers, and future.

Using 100% of private and public company information, this industry report created in conjunction with BAI allows you to see what is changing monthly in the Small Business Landscape. Select views by industry, size, age, and geography to drill, confirm, and discover areas of opportunities or risks.

Have the clarity and confidence to make smart, strategic decisions for your organization and the businesses that you serve.

“If I ever went to a bank that didn’t have BAI research, I would bring it in!”

Super Regional Bank

“The BAI team provides insights and presents information through the lens of a banker – and I really appreciate that”.

Super Regional Bank

What Can Unbiased Benchmarking Do for You?

Get more insights. Ask better questions. Glean actionable intelligence and boost your performance. Expand your potential with BAI’s unbiased benchmarking.

Leverage Your Knowledge With BAI Banking Outlook

Dive deeper into the state of the industry.


Feb 20, 2024

Growing deposits, attracting new customers, and improving the customer digital experience are top of mind for financial services organizations. BAI surveyed over a hundred banking leaders, plus more than 1,000 consumers, to provide banking leaders with actionable insights to make smart decisions amid the challenges that lie ahead this year.


Feb 16, 2024

Today’s financial services organizations face increasing uncertainty due to industry shifts, mounting competitive pressures and new federal regulations. To help them better navigate this environment, BAI Research recently conducted a survey of financial services leaders and 1,000 consumers to get a sense of the banking outlook for 2024 and beyond as well as the emerging trends that will shape the year ahead.


Jan 22, 2024

Are your deposits lagging or leading? BAI Research released the latest state of deposit trends, which includes data from the top 20 U.S. consumer banks as well as the leading direct banks. It’s no surprise that deposit growth has been negative due to a turbulent rate environment. Consumers and small businesses have reduced their balances and made rate-driven decisions, such as a major shift into CDs offering attractive yields. How long will current trends continue? Where are deposits headed?

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See how BAI’s unbiased benchmarking unlocks actionable insights for your financial institution.