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Business Banking Benchmarking

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Make Better Business Banking Strategy Decisions

Business banking is, well, a business. To keep your clients, you have to understand how your offerings meet their expectations — and how you stack up to your competition.

Through our blind comparisons, you can see how you compare to your peers based on the type and size of financial institution you are.

BAI’s Business Banking Benchmarking helps you get the answers to the questions that matter most, such as:

  • How effective are my current business banking strategies?
  • How do our banking acquisition rates compare to our competition?
  • Where should we best dedicate our business banking resources?
  • What are the next business banking trends?

How BAI Business Banking Benchmarking Works

Our comparative analytics for business measures data that can provide your organization with crucial analytics. Built from more than 17MM businesses, $1.6T in combined deposit product balances, and $860B in combined business loan balances.

As a participant in the BAI Business Benchmarking programs, you’ll get vital, objective reporting and analysis to help answer key questions related to your business performance and future strategy. So that you can:

  • Better assess your organization’s performance
  • Improve forecasting
  • Discover growth opportunities
  • Evaluate progress and the effectiveness of strategies

Dig deep into business deposit analysis with detailed metrics and a variety of report options including:

  • Deposit Product Level Analysis
  • Granular Market Level Analysis
  • Business Size Level Analysis
  • Industry Type Analysis
Real Data, Real Insights, Real Results

More Ways To Learn. More Ways to Take Action.

BAI Business Deposits Benchmarking

Our comparative analytics for retail business banking measure more than 17MM businesses, and $1.6T in combined product balances each year. With this critical insight, financial services leaders can assess deposit performance, forecast improvements, capitalize on market opportunities, and evaluate strategies compared to peers.

BAI Business Deposits Pulse

This market intelligence tool provides a weekly report to monitor near-real-time feedback on business deposit growth. It enables financial institutions to quickly gauge the effectiveness of strategic and marketing initiatives while assessing the influence of external factors on market changes.

BAI Business Deposits Pulse Plus

This dashboard provides a monthly, executive-level view of analytics on business deposit client performance. It includes deposit balance flows, account growth, retention, and portfolio performance, all relative to competitors.

BAI Business Segmentation Analysis

This analysis offers financial institutions the flexibility to segment reporting by annual sales size or NAICS category codes to get the most accurate view of your performance as you evaluate your market execution and strategize market expansions.

BAI Business Market Level Analysis

Understand how your financial institution is performing in specific markets against local competitors. Using BAI Business Benchmarking data, you can forecast improvements, capitalize on market opportunities and identify how to balance your product mix with precision.

BAI Business Market Level Pulse

This weekly analysis helps you evaluate how your financial institution is performing in specific markets against local competitors. Using BAI Business Pulse data, you can forecast improvements, capitalize on market opportunities and identify how to balance your product mix with precision.

Small Business Industry Reporting: Discover What Impacts Your Clients

Macro and micro trends in your market impact the business of your clients. Understanding what is happening at the ground level helps you prepare strategies to better serve your clients and support the community.

The BQ-BAI Small Business Report is an interactive online dashboard enabling real-time filtering to track the local small business economy at the industry level. This reporting helps business banking leaders make smart business decisions with factual, up-to-date market intelligence on small businesses in your markets of interest.

Take a Deep Dive Into Better Business Banking

BAI Banking Outlook gives you information into the most important trends and technology reshaping commercial banking. Check out our free resources, and prepare for the future.


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