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Digital Banking Analytics Help You Make Confident Decisions

Better understand your digital banking relationships relative to your industry peers so you can better assess your acquisition and conversion rates, as well as your relationship deepening and retention strategies.

We can help you answer these and other questions:

  • Am I getting my fair share of digital deposits from the consumer banking segment?
  • How does my digital account attrition rate compare to my industry peers?
  • How does my customers’ digital usage compare to my peers?
  • Are my digital conversions over or underperforming?
  • Are my marketing efforts driving enough applications?

Digital banking analytics from BAI provides a vast array of deep and reliable research, helping you make smart and future-forward choices.

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Digital Banking Metrics

Measure your organization against your peers (and competition) in key areas such as digital acquisition, conversion, and retention.

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Digital Banking Insights

Assess the performance of a range of digital strategies from marketing efficiency to customer’s digital usage.

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Digital Banking Analytics

Get in-depth segmented analysis on your organization’s account-level data.

Digital Banking Programming That Gets You Ahead

In-depth analysis. Monthly and semi-annual reports. Sign up for the programs you need to get ahead.

Digital Funnel Pulse

Monthly reporting provides you with key insights to evaluate your digital acquisition and conversion performance by channel compared to your industry peers.

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Digital Benchmarking

Using data from BAI Consumer Benchmarking, this semi-annual report delivers analytics crucial to understanding how well you are generating, deepening, and retaining digital relationships. All compared to your peers.

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